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    Default Lower Radiator Hose

    Working on the cooling system of my '86 GT and have a question about the lower radiator hose. I ordered a new set of hoses from LMR. The lower hose is Motorcraft. Looking inside the hose I don't see a spring to keep the hose from collapsing under suction. Didn't these hoses originally have coil springs in them? Are the new hoses constructed differently so that they don't require springs? Or am I just remembering wrong from back in the '80s?


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    I don't recall any of the replacement lower hoses having a spring in them for the Mustangs. Might have been some way back, but I don't recall them. Then again with 50 insight and 3 daughters there's no telling all that I have forgotten!

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    Non of my oem radiator hoses had one.

    Lots of people have told me that you need one and that the cooling system is hard to purge on these cars, but I've never had an issue. An origonal hose will have a wire type hose clamp with a small square nut and a small bolt with a 5/16 i beleive and a philips or regular slot. It wil also be stapled to the hose and the waterpump side will have been tightened down against the block. Or at least it was on my two cars that had original hoses.
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    Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

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    My 85 GT has a spring in it. You probably won't have issues without it. Mine came with one, so I still use it.
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    If it is a high performance motor, you are going to want a spring especially if you are going to rev over 5500 RPM. That is when it will really take a hit. The temperature on my RS would jump almost 30 degrees when I would really stomp on it from 1st through 3rd without a spring. If I was on a spirited drive situation where I was on and off the gas a lot reving the motor high, I am pretty sure my car would have over heated without one.

    Hope this helps
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    The NAPA hoses back in the day had a spring if memory serves. I had one and I agree - it helped.

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    I would look for one with the spring in it or get a set of silicone hoses that are less prone to collapsing.

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    Hmmmm. For $9 Mustangs Unlimited sells a spring for the lower radiator hose. Better safe than sorry I guess.

    Thanks again for all the good input guys. You all make this hobby much more enjoyable

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