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    I guess the site has been down for a couple days...this happened on the 9th. Looks like car shopping is in my near future, again! My wife was driving with our daughter in the Edge and got T-boned by a little ole lady from Pasadena...and I am not joking, really. The vehicle held it's own considering the little ole lady was doing in excess of 50 mph through an intersection in a big LX 470 with a front bumper guard. My wife went to the hospital with injuries but is okay...well, a little goofy from the meds, but okay.

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    @erratic - Your point (and brand loyalty) is well taken and I understand what you mean. However, Although that's an impressive list of cars, hardly any were purchased new so the rest didn't do anything to keep the blue oval alive as that money went into the hands of private owners. I suppose you could argue that maybe the people you bought them from bought other new Fords (maybe), but then if that is the case, THEY are keeping the blue oval alive, LOL.

    Just messing with you... I know what you are trying to say. I have never owned anything other than a Ford myself but I have never been fortunate enough to be able to afford a new one either. At least I drive around with a blue oval on all of them.

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    Holly Molly!!!! So glad your wife and daughter are OK, also glad to see the old lady did not hit the driver's door square on.

    Hate to see a ride that young get trashed but I'm sure there are many more at the dealer.

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    To Bwguardian, well that didn't take long! Based on the front corner of the hood, looks like she turned just in front of the poor Edge and then scraped all down the side of it rather than what I think of as a T bone but either way, as long as all the occupants are going to be okay, that is all that matters.

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    Ouch. Frustrating isn't it. A little scary too. So if you enjoy car shopping, time to do it again my friend. Let us know about teen vehicle #2.
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    Glad to hear everyone is alright with no serious injuries. The wife being a little goofy on meds isn't necessarily a bad thing!

    Thankfully the Edge took the impact well and everyone moves on with their lives. Good luck on the new vehicle search.

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