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    OK another call to the experts... I went to put my glove box back in and something causes it to almost shut but not all the way. Is there actually a unique glove box for air conditioning cars in 83 or is something weird with my 86+83 setup causing the glove box door to be about three eighths of an inch away from clicking closed? The interference is in the back left corner.

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    If there is wiring bundled up or not routed correctly back there it can block it. You should be able to see up from below to see what it's hitting. If the horn relay or the chime fall down from above they can get in the way also.

    i don't know of any difference in doors from ac to non ac. But not certain on that
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    Don't know about the 83, but when I added A/C to my 78 Zephyr, I had to get a glove box from a A/C car to fit.
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