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    Default Fog Light switch

    I am adding a fog light to my 84 LX that didn't come with it as original equipment.

    I have all the parts, bumper cover, mounting bracket, fog lights, wiring harness, switch.

    The issue is the original switch from the 84 GT I took it from is crusty and I have a mint interior. If I paint it with Rustoleum or Krylon I'll cover the FOG LIGHT stenciled lettering.

    Is there a coverlay or decal for this? The actual part is long discontinued and I cant find any NOS.

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    I would just put in what you have, and then keep your eye open on ebay for one that is either NOS or good condition...and swap out later. Either put it in as is, or paint it and not worry about the "FOG LIGHT" lettering. One will pop up on ebay sooner or later....and post a WTB add in the classifieds here too. Somebody is bound to have one in their parts stash.

    In fact you are probably in luck here....reach out to MIKE'SSVO86:
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    You can get white lettering at a hobby shop or make your own white on clear label maker.
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