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    Hey all, finally felt like it's time to start tinkering on the 'stang again... this time it's wiring. I've searched and can't seem to find a chassis? body? dash? (Not sure what harness it's called) harness for my 1984 mustang gt. I'm not talking about the gauge feed harness or engine harness, it's the one that hooked into the headlights, AC etc etc and goes thru the fire wall to a fuse box. It needs replacing, it looks like garbage and I can't seem to source one out! Please help..

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    I can't tell you where to get one, but I just had to pull that out of my 85 to get all of the TSAD harness out. It's not fun. Had to take the dash out...well off the firewall and lay it on console....there are 4 or 5 big plugs on the pork chop brace to the left of the steering wheel. Getting all of those connectors thru the hole is a real chore...they just barely fit. Getting it all back in isn't much more fun. At least for me, I got rid of a bunch of wires when I removed the TSAD harness so it was a bit easier. I've heard the 84 wiring was really poor quality. You best bet is probably finding a decent used harness here, or corral or ebay. Then unwrap it and go over the whole thing.
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    That's your main engine bay harness and it actually just goes through the firewall and has a few connectors that attach to the porkchop brace. There is not a direct replacement for this harness so you either have to get something like a Ron Francis kit and completely rewire the car or fix what is falling apart on yours. Finding a used 84 harness that is any better shape than what you currently have is damn near impossible......Trust me, I have tried. 84 wiring is HORRIBLE quality.

    FMR sells a piece of the harness that connects to various components of the engine, but it is almost $400 and basically just takes care of the engine, not the whole bay.

    I ended up pulling the harness out of my 84 and fixing what was falling apart and removing what was no longer, or ever needed for that matter, and moving on. Most of the engine harness I built from scratch and what was damaged I replaced with new wiring. I was lucky and it seems to be that the wire insulation that was covered in the factory looms remained nice and not in need of repair. It was just the exposed wiring that was shot.

    You can see what I was up against starting here in my thread and it goes for a couple pages.

    It was not as complicated as expected once I got into the job, just time consuming. Saved a fortune doing it myself though.
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