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    Default Louver thumb screws

    Does anyone happen to have the original thumb screws that hold down the bottom of the louver on my 82 GT? I could use some pics showing the dimensions and thread pitch if anyone knows. Trying to find something close, but have never actually seen a correct one. Thanks!

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    I could be incorrect as I don't know that I have ever seen an all original Fox with the OEM louvers intact. On my 82 GT with Factory installed louvers the bottom screws are just plan flat head screws, but could have been changed at some point in time.

    I would recommend McMaster-Carr for a supplier. You should be able to find something there that will work for you. Good Luck!

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    My car has them but unfortunately it is not stored here at home currently so I can't get any pics. However I also had an '83 GT several years ago with the same factory louvers. The thumb screws were missing, so I used traditional rack screws from the A/V industry...which are 10/32. They worked perfectly in the factory nuts that were pressed into the hatch. The rack screws I have at home are ~3/4" long, and I can't recall if I had to cut them down or not...but 10/32 should get you there. Double check what I am saying to be sure it works on your car, then if so something like this from ebay should do the trick.
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    Another option is adding thumb screw caps to socket head bolts. You can get the bolts in stainless steel. The black plastic caps press on. You can get both at McMaster Carr
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    Pretty sure I used the same thing as linked in Jason's (sowaxeman) post.
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    Thanks fellas,
    I like those stainless ones, but if I find them in black I'd be even happier. I'll try some 10-32 screws to confirm the threads then order something. Mostly I'm just tired of needing a Phillips screw driver every time I need to clean the rear window!

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