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    Default 1982 Mustang GL 5.0 / 4-Speed -- $4,400 (Detroit area)

    Reasonably rare, original-condition car here. The story is the original owner was a Ford employee who didn't want the extra cost or higher insurance premium that went with the new GT, so he ordered a GL with the 5.0 powertrain. He didn't even add aluminum wheels to it. The 14-inch steel rims with turbine covers are original. He kept the car until around 2014 and sold it to a small used car dealer. I bought it from him and haven't done a thing to the car except drive it. The original owner took good care of the car, but the original paint is definitely showing its age and there are some door dings here and there. The left-front fender was obviously repainted at some point. The color match is good, but the original pinstripe on it was never re-done. Other than that, it appears that all the rest of the paint is original. The body is in great shape, with no apparent rust. All the seams at the bottoms of the doors and hatch are great. The car was undercoated when new, which helped preserve the sheet metal, but, you know... it was undercoated. The interior is in really nice original condition. The dash pad is perfect. It still has the original AM/FM radio. Only the driver's seat shows any wear. There are some scratches in plastic side panels of the hatch area and one of the covers for the shock access holes is missing (I might have one in my garage that I'll throw in, if I can find it). Mechanically, it's in excellent condition. It fires right up and runs terrific, but like the exterior, the engine compartment could use some cosmetic love. The original owner replaced the original intake and 2-barrel carb with an Edelbrock intake and 4-bbl carburetor. I have the original intake and carb that I will include with the sale. When I was looking at the car, I told the dealer I would have preferred that it had the original induction system. He called to the original owner to see if he still had it and he did. So, I don't just have a replacement/correct carb/intake setup for it -- they are the original parts that were on the car. The original exhaust system was also replaced with a dual exhaust system. The Flowmaster-esque mufflers make the car sound like it has twice the horsepower. I have some original exhaust manifolds and a single-hump cross member for anyone interested in going back to a stock-type setup. I even have the remnants of an original Y-pipe that could be used as a template for a new system. It's not original to the car, but it will help when building an exhaust system. I was going to swap back the original intake system after I bought the car, but it runs so well with the 4-barrel that I haven't bothered. You just pump the gas a couple of times and it barks to life. No hesitation or bogging when driving. It simply runs great. Wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. I have a Marti report for the car, too, and it has 100,500 original miles. This car is a great driver in need of cosmetic attention. It is located in Troy, Mich. (Detroit suburbs) and the price is $4,400. I'm better at email/texting than these threads, so don't hesitate to contact me at or 248-302-2608. I'm also happy to send a dropbox link with all the pics I have of the Mustang. Thanks.
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    Neat. Very nice. GLWS. Going to have to find the right buyer though, that money will buy a GT which is what MOST people want but certainly there are plenty of buyers around who want something unique and that is mostly a time capsule that has been well preserved.

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    What a fantastic find. Hopefully it stays stock. Interesting how the onion head strut mounts are different looking than the GT's or even my 82 notch GL.

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    Nice car! Good luck with sale...
    Bill Jr.

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    I like it, GLWS!
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    I think that is a very fair price for a very nice car. Cars that nice in Michigan go for higher money than other areas of the country.

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    I would love to have this and keep it original. I had one of these a few years ago that I unexpectedly had to sell.

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