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    Default Pcm where there wasnt

    Who has put a pcm into the right kick panel where there wasn't one. Looking for advice or experience in doing so. Pics are a plus. Thanks

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    AFAIK the sheetmetal is slightly different over there on the 86-93 cars. I don't have pictures of my 86 anywhere but I seem to remember seeing something about that in an article once.

    I suspect pictures of yours and also of an 86+ would help you.

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    Yes it appears my 79 is different compared to the 87 I have. That's why I'm looking for what someone else may have done. I'll get it done, just thought if someone else has done it, it might make it easier

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    That's a problem I still haven't solved on mine. It's just hanging there. I've considered buying an extension harness. There's a guy that makes them on ebay, but his prices are WAY high. Around $300. I've heard from a guy I know, you can extend the wires yourself, just make sure to shield and ground the ones that need it. That sounds a little scary to me though, haha.

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    Shrink tubes and solder. One wire at a time should work fine.

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    ...buuuut then where do you put it.

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    Get out the plasma cutter..... it'll be fine.

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    I put mine between the kick panel and heater. It is a tight fit but, I've been driving it like that for years.

    If common sense was common wouldn't it just be sense?

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    I have not tackled this on my 82 GT yet either, but will need to.

    I did actually place the Huge Fuse panel from a Ron Francis Wire Works wiring kit in the passenger kick panel or maybe more accurately ON it. I then modified the kick panel plastic trim piece to cover it. Basically lost some leg room down there for the passenger, but was much easier and simpler than modifying the sheetmetal at the time.

    I am still down in TX working but I will try and get some pictures when I get back to CO. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by erratic50 View Post
    Shrink tubes and solder. One wire at a time should work fine.
    Yeah, but don't some need to be "shielded" or whatever?

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    Speed sensor wires are twisted, and there is a spec for that. I have come to the opinion that it just isnt worth the structural damage to go into the kick panel. The early ones are too different. It will go on a tray I make and hang flat under the hvac box. If I lengthen the harness maybe it would lay nicely under the dash where the radio is. Last option though if my way takes too much foot room.

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