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    Default 85 Gt muffler hanger ?

    I'm working on installing the original exhaust system on my 85 GT and I'm missing the hangers that bolt to the mufflers. I can't remember if they are specific to 85 or not or if later year pieces are a correct fit like these in the pic. . Anyone know if these ones in the pic look correct ? Thanks

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    I just looked under my 85 and they look the same to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford 5.0 View Post
    I just looked under my 85 and they look the same to me.
    Thanks for looking ! I found these on eBay and just want to make sure before I buy since I can't seem to find pics for reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xctasy View Post
    This is a postcard...I am away from the forum.

    Posting elaborate stuff for something so simple isnt a good use of my time, but if it helps just someone here, I do have a motza of pictures from when I did my tow hitch design and trail fit on my 81.

    iirc, Pre 1985, nothing on the short wheelbase Fox specialty coupes passenger side was turret puched for a passenger side hanger. So duplicating the driver side isn't possible without drilling or punching to fit the 86 hanger.

    Easy way? You just grab some 3/8" rod all the exhaust guys use to make exhaust hangers, and pre curl it, and oxy acetaline or MIG weld it right to the chassis rail, (after having made the fuel tank safe from exploding). Then on the exhaust, same.

    Then use a exhaust suspender donot/ grommet.

    Sorry, I wont be re-rotating the photos, you have to recheck it in Photobucket because the accelerometer over rides the orintation unless you use edit, then back out, and takes ages, and aint got the time

    Orange/red is passenger side.


    IMG_6127_rotated_driverside_exhaust hanger






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    Thanks for the info !

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    85 are the same as 86 there. My 89LX convertible was identical there as well.

    Many aftermarket catback kits eliminate those and just use the rubber.

    LMR sells the rubber part FYI.

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