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    Default Non Original 85 T Top Hatch

    This is my car. Original 4 cylinder car. Car is fun and drives nice, a driver, but has dings and dents in most panels. Please see description. What do you guys think it is worth? Fender aprons have been replaced at one point, no torque box or strut rust but floor pan has some rust, as well as passenger side rocker and bottoms of doors. The rest of the text is straight from my ad description.

    Car is a 1985 T Top. Has 82 GT hood and spoiler, 79 Ghia front bumper. Complete dash, wiring harness, and interior (besides door panels) from 1989 GT.


    Carbuerated stock 5.0 roller motor

    Pypes 2.5 offroad x pipe, FRPP shorty headers

    Factory catback. Quiet but sounds good

    HEI distributor

    Holley Carb

    C4 with trans go stage 2 shift kit.

    3.08 8.8 differential

    5 lug sn95 front brakes, rear drums

    New rear shocks

    SVO front springs

    Full length subframe connectors with seat pan reinforcements


    Satin polyurethane desert tan. Car was originally black, hatch was originally red

    Jams and underhood were not painted

    Custom vinyl ww2 decals (can be removed)

    T tops leak, most do. Could use new weatherstrip other than hatch, hatch weatherstrip is new.

    Has one small (nickel size) rust hole on passenger rocker. Floorpans had some rust but they were patched 3 years ago when I built this car. Bottom of doors have some rust, but definitely fixable.


    1989 mustang gt dash, seats, wiring harness.

    Black carpet

    Has some missing trim, see photos. Basically missing center hvac stack and panels below steering column.

    Hurst Quarter Stick shifter

    T tops leak. Most do.

    Car runs good and drives smooth. Have put ~10k miles on the car since put together. Painted last summer

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    I will take a stab at it. You built it to such a specific taste. It's a mix of so many things and there is so much going on. It's a tough one. It sounds somewhat rusty and it has a stock engine but a racing shifter. It's just hard. My best guess would be it's worth what it most closely resembles, which I believe is a 5.0 LX T Top Hatch with some rust and a satin paint job on the outside. So $4,200 to start?

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