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    Default 1985 Mustang GT Hatchback, Asking $9500, Land O Lakes, Wisconsin

    This clean 1985 Mustang GT is for sale and is located in northern Wisconsin (Land O Lakes). I am asking $9500 or good reasonable offer. Looks like only 5 pics can be added per post, so I'll be adding more in sperate posts.

    This car has been my project for the last year. I disassembled nearly the entire car. I documented as much as I could with photographs. This was a nearly rust free car with the usual dings and original failing paint. A prior owner had already replaced the original engine with the one that's in it now, along with some other mods. The rust was limited to surface rust on the bottoms of the doors and rear bottom edge of the hatch. There was no rust-through in those areas and it cleaned up nicely down to clean, solid steel. On the rear bottom edge of the right fender, there was an area the size of a quarter that rusted and had pin holes - I cut that out and replaced it with new steel. Some stone chips had very minimal surface rust that also cleaned up nicely. That was it for rust. Some prior owner sprayed undercoating all over the bottom of the car. I removed all of it and found that everything was solid - no rust. The floor under the driver's seat had a minor crack from the flexing that occurred on these cars. Those cracks were welded. During disassembly, I found an almost intact build sheet under the carpet under the passenger seat. Under the front bumper cover I found a clean Hollerith card taped to the steel bumper. I gave it to a member of this site. I thought those finds were pretty cool. So, this was a solid car to begin with.

    The bottom of the car was properly prepped and painted with grey Rust Seal (like POR 15). The engine bay was cleaned and I welded all those unused holes shut. The "frame rails" were boxed in as well. I tucked the engine bay wiring harness behind the fenders and firewall for a clean appearance. In 2016 the engine bay, jams, and the rest of the panels were painted in the original medium charcoal grey using PPG and SPI bc/cc. The paint is very nice but not perfect. There are a few chips and a small dent (not obvious) on the driver's door from reassembly. All the weatherstripping is new. These t-top cars often had problems where the roof panel separates from the t-top frame. This issue was corrected with new rivits and panel adhesive, it's solid now.

    The interior is nice and clean, but not perfect. Lizard skin was sprayed on the floor under the new carpet. All of the interior panels were properly cleaned and prepped prior to being repainted. The headliner is new.

    I've owned this car for something like six or seven years. It's stored in a heated shop and I've never driven it in snow, not even in rain. I don't think the car has ever been in snow. This is just a very clean, fun, street car that turns heads wherever I go. It hasn't been raced and is adult owned.

    The engine is a solid running, carbureted 306 with under 5k on it. The prior owner had the engine built by R-T Speed Shop in southern WI. It doesn't burn oil and cylinder compression is 175 - 180 across all cylinders. It starts right up everytime and runs nicely. If I were to guess, if say it's got something like 350hp at the crank. This is a this is a five speed car with the T5. The clutch works fine and the flywheel was resurfaced this spring.

    Some of the mods are:
    Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
    8.8 differential with 31 spline Ford traclock & 4:10 gears
    31 spline Alloy axels
    17x9 Cobra R wheels, the tires are good
    Full length Maximum Motorsports welded sub frame connectors with seat reinforcements
    Stock brakes, with braided stainless flex lines, upgraded rotors, new pads/shoes/wheel cylinders
    New SVE aluminum radiator
    New SVE high torque mini starter
    Mac exhaust, Cerakoted long tube headers, dumps (new stainless tail pipes, not installed)
    Cervini 2.5" hood
    New Ford Racing lower front control arms and ball joints
    Lakewood traction lift bars
    Pertronix rev limiter
    Autogage tach and shift light
    K/B hyperutectic Pistons
    1.6 roller rocker arms
    Trickflow pushrods
    Edelbrock Airgap intake manifold
    Clevite bearings
    ARP bolts
    7qt Canton oil pan
    Comp Cam hydraulic cam, FS XE274H-10
    1979 302 block
    1966 289 heads, ported/polished, not sure of valve size

    So, like I said, this is just a very clean, fun street car. Enjoy it like it is, or make your own mods to take it to the next level. I'm open to a reasonable offer.
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    The tach in the pics is not the one in the car right now... It's got an Autogage tach and shift light mounted on the column.

    If someone is interested and would like to see pics of something specific that isn't shown, let me know and I'll post what you want.

    Thanks for looking, Steve.

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    I just reread my post... The carburator is a Holley 570 aluminum Street Avenger, vacuum secondaries. When I bought the car, it had a Holley 750... That will go with the car. It runs great with the 570 and ran good with the 750 too, I just thought it was too big for the engine.

    At idle, there is a fairly strong order of unburnt fuel. I believe that is a result of the cam having a fair amount of valve overlap. The carb is properly adjusted. It is what it is, I guess.

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    First In to say amazing ride and worth the asking price. Does that mean you will get it? Of course not but I hope you do! That is a very tastefully done car with some well-chosen mods. I love it. Living in the South East and being my age, I can't survive without AC though. I am sure it's not an issue up there and it really looks cleaner under the hood without all the AC clutter. Very well done and GLWS!
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    That thing is so sexy!!! Great job!! Love it.

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    Nice GT!

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    Thanks. Yeah, I really don't expect to get an offer at my asking price. I have to start somewhere though. As many of you know, nothing about cars is inexpensive... Even these cars. And I know I'll never get back what I have into it. Just hoping someone makes a reasonable offer at some point.

    I won't mislead anybody about this car. I did all the work, except for the engine; although, I obviously pulled it out, cleaned it up, etc. This was the first big car project I've done. This was my first go at body work an paint. I believe I did a good job and I used quality materials. This was something I wanted to teach myself to do, and it took a few years to finish my shop and get the equipment to do it. A home paint job by a novice may scare some folks away, oh well. I've got pics to show what and how I did things. It was a lot of fun and I learned a ton.

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    Lowering my price to 8k, firm.

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    Default Sold

    SOLD today to a good guy from MN today. Hopefully he likes and has fun with the car... And I hope he finds this forum, lots of good info here.


    I didn't get the amount that I was hoping for, but in the end I'm happy. I learned a ton, I had fun, and I spent (and lost) a good bit of cash. What more can I ask for, lol.

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