<===Has stock profile hoods for ALL 79-86 cars (Mustang, Capri and SVO)

If you have others that are of high quality and have parts available for the 79-86 cars, please post in the Body Shop or PM me.

Why I don't list Cervini's:
Although Cervini's does have a product that is very high quality, I don't feel that I should be recommending them to the Four Eyed crowd based on their ads.

First off, they only offer a couple of hoods for the 83-86 Mustangs and that's it. No Capris, no earlier Mustangs. They barely throw us a bone. Probably isn't profitable enough for them to do much more, fair enough.

The main reason for me, however would be two particular cars in their ads. One is clearly a 79-86 Mustang that has had an aero-nose tacked on. The other is obviously a former Capri given their Stormin Norman treatment. I have a very hard time recommending a company that does the very thing that this site hopes to combat.

Yep, it probably sounds silly, but I'd rather recommend businesses that show more respect for our group than that.

Places to avoid:
Cincinnati Composites - Low quality (total lack of it, typically) and bad customer service.
Cobra Auto Designs - Cincinnati Composites reputation has gotten so bad and so well-known that they've started advertising as Cobra Auto Designs in an attempt to skirt their reputation. Luckily, this stunt is becoming common knowledge.