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    I am a retired guy who now has a little more time for a project vehicle. I live in Texas and have owned several mustangs over the years. A 1990 5.0 coupe, a 1970 Mach 1, a 1968 Mustang restomod coupe, and currently I have a 1996 Cobra. I am probably going to want a 1979-1986 coupe (yeah, who doesn't, right?) for my next project. I am glad to be a part of this forum.


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    Welcome to FEP!!!! I am also a coupe guy

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    hi Don, welcome to FEP, you are good hands!
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    Welcome fellow Texan... Hope you find something soon....

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    Welcome! I am a fan of the coupes as well. Post up some pics of your other Mustangs!

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    Welcome to the site! Good luck with your search!

    Quote Originally Posted by STANGMAN116 View Post
    Welcome to FEP!!!! I am also a coupe guy
    Fidel, you're a more than a coupe guy! What happened to your list of current cars?
    Quote Originally Posted by Travis T View Post
    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
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    Coupes are the best cars. Hope you find a nice one for your collection.

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    The general manager (Bobby White) at Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville AL was looking to sell a 1984 GT 5.0 that he purchased from the original owner, it has 50k original miles. Think he wanted under 10k for it. I've seen it, it is excellent shape, looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 82GTforME View Post
    Fidel, you're a more than a coupe guy! What happened to your list of current cars?
    It got too long and started clogging up the bandwidth so he had to delete them from his signature.
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    Thanks for all the kind words! Let me get some pics uploaded of the cars I have owned. Just to clarify, I only currently own the '96 Cobra. I am about to go look at a 115K mile '83 Coupe I found recently. It is a 6cyl and needs to be redone (worn paint, suspension, and interior), but it is solid and is a great candidate for the V8 conversion and redo I plan.

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    So I picked this up today. Found it on craigslist with a very minimally descriptive ad for "1983 mustang with original sheet metal and original AM radio." It turned out to be this running and driving 6 cyl coupe with a gorgeous dash, 115k miles, no structural rust, and one small spot where a little surface rust is showing through on some thin paint. It has current tags and inspection. It is very dirty but very original. The brake pedal has minimal wear, the AM radio looks brand new, and the woodgrain on dash is perfect! I think I got a smoking deal!

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    oh yeah... going to be a great car to start with. good luck and have fun..

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    Thanks, now the planning starts for my sleeper project. The paint is very dirty in the pic but I think it will buff out. I am probably going to buff it out and maybe shoot a coat of clear over it and then build up my suspension and engine combo. Now to do the suspension research I need to make sure it will run and drive like I want it to. After my daughter graduates from college I will do serious paint and body work and make it look as good as it will run.

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