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    Default Getting to work on the interior looking for suggestions

    Getting things going on the interior.
    Got the all blue LX convertible swag. I shouldn't say it's "ugly", because that would be insensitive to folks who have it and like it. but lets's say it does not suit my personal sense of style.
    P.O. either had a style contrary to my own, or he did a pretty good job of collecting stray fox parts and getting a reasonable 30+ year old convertible equipped.
    Who the %#$@ came up with this blue? There ain't even a crayon that will compliment it, much less match it???
    I'm going with a black & gray primary scheme with a blue "theme". The console is black, the carpet is black, dash is blue, the dash pad is new and is dark gray. I just sewed up and installed the seats in blue and gray vinyl. All is looking pretty good considering. The back side panels were cracked and in ROUGH shape. The rubber/vinyl stretch & stick vinyl was split and peeling off. lower carpet on them was peeling off and faded. I glued the broken pieces together from behind with body shop grade 2 part plastic adhesive and sprayed them with gray tinted bedlining material for the time being, maybe I can find some replacements online.
    Took out the "information center" and made me a pod for my water temp & oil pressure gauges.
    I made my pods for the door speakers and installed them. I am going to re-upholster the upper part of the door panels once I settle on a color scheme for sure.
    Radio is next.
    I will post some pics soon.
    Anyone got one of those console tops with the cupholder?
    I am planning on making my own and sewing up a matching vinyl cover for it. I looked at them at an online store, looks simple enough to sew up to me. (upholsterer, here)
    can't find a pic of one installed. Does it interfere with the E-brake?
    Anyone ordered a new conv. top boot aftermarket? how is the fitment & what brand did you order?

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    a pic of what my interior looked like

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    Here are the door panels with the glassed in pods for speakers... You can see the gray tinted bedliner that I sprayed on the rear panels.
    And the seat covers that I sewed up for all the seats.
    Now I have to decide if and what color to dye or paint which parts of the lower dash assembly and what to do with the upper door panels

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    Hope I'm not breaking the rules... But I got a working (when I took it out a week ago) "info center", clock, & bezel if anybody wants it.
    I'm not selling it (Mr moderator) just giving it away if somebody needs it. First come first served, just one favor... Don't snag it just to have it, let somebody who NEEDS it get it. Shipping is on me.

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    Info center & bezel found its new home

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    And the recipient is a happy camper! Thanks

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    Toid I like what you've done with the new seat covers. Where did you get them? Or what company makes them?

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    Yes, the cup holders on the arm rest get in the way when you pull up on the e-brake. Not a big deal though. They did(dont know if they are still made) make a cup holder that fits into the ashtray and the holders are over to the passenger side of the console.

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