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    Default EGR valve differences

    86 GT 5.0

    I was getting a CM code 34 which indicates insufficient EGR flow or EVP voltage high or PFE sensor voltage high or out of spec.

    Since the EGR valve & position sensor were probably original to the car, I bought new Motorcraft EGR valve (CX1230A) & sensor (CX1464).

    Installed both on the car & now get CM code 33, EGR valve not opening properly.

    Here's the question: The EGR that was on the car had a "spacer" on the side where the sensor mounts. The Motorcraft EGR does not (see pics). The Motorcraft EGR without the spacer pushes the rod on the sensor in further. Will this cause faulty readings & cause the code 34? The new EGR seems to work fine by applying suction to the vacuum port.

    Thanks in advance...

    Motorcraft 1230A EGR valve (no spacer)

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    EGR valve with spacer

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    Sounds like an aftermarket egr spacer on your intake manifold. Probably conflicting model years. Id install the spacer, and see if the code clears.

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    Just a thought but did you mount the egr upside down? If at all possible, ive never tried.

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    The two EGR valve mounting studs are different sizes, to prevent such a thing from happening.
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