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    Default 82 Mustang Gauge cluster lights do not work

    Gauge light do not work...

    I have checked all fuses even replaced the cluster voltage regulator & the cluster lights do not come on.

    The seat belt light comes on, the turn signal lights, radio lights, a/c heater lights and console lights all work.
    Do you think the circuit board could be bad... the cluster is the original 82 that came in the car.

    Don't know if related but the RPM gauge & Fuel gauge do not work as well... all other gauges work.

    Any info on what to do next is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, sounds like your next step is to remove the instrument panel, I think I have some photos somewhere when I did mine if that would be any help?
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    Gauge lights could be due to the headlight switch, but if everything else comes on with the running lights/headlights that is doubtful. You could have a bad circuit board, but unless you see an actual break or burn mark you will have to do a continuity test on the circuits that don't work to verify if the board is bad. If you have another gauge cluster to swap in that might tell you something too. Just don't use a 79 cluster or circuit board! Don't ask me how I know!

    RPM and Fuel gauge don't have anything to do with the headlight switch, so . . .

    RPM gets it's signal from the negative side of the coil. I would check to make sure that is connected properly. You might also test for continuity from the coil to the instrument cluster plug.

    Fuel gauge could be a bad sending unit in the tank, a bad ground, or a power issue. You will need to verify the power and ground and if still nothing, then very likely you will need to drop the tank to get to the sending unit.

    It's also possible you have a bad gauge or two, but that doesn't happen too often.

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    If memory serves me correctly simply shorting both sides of the sending wires will make the gauge show a full tank.

    Ive seen the float fall off the sending unit before on an 86.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, as soon as I get time I will test out a few things. I will post my findings as I go.

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    Don't forget to check the simple thing of a fuse. There is one for the tach at least.

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