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    Okay, so instead of telling the whole story, I'm just going to provide you a link to the original build thread. This explains how I got the car the first time, and how I ended back up with it.

    Okay, so now you know the story. Let's continue.

    The car is an 86 GT with t-tops. It's mostly stock, the only mods are catted h-pipe, flowmasters, and 3:73s. It's an automatic car with working a/c. The car is a pretty solid car. We pulled the interior out to clean it, and the floor pans were beautiful. There is some rust in the typical places, like the hatch and the bottom of the doors. Easily replaceable panels at least.

    This will be a resto mod car. It will stay pretty true to it's 4 eyed belongings, but with a few updates here and there.

    The car leaks oil from about every seal on the engine. It's not super bad, still driveable, but it's annoy. I got another short block on the stand that I plan on building for the car. It'll be a basic build, freshened up stock small block, small cam, gt40p heads, explorer intake, 65mm tb, and that's about it.

    The transmission will either get a shift kit and a small stall, along with a nice cooler.... or I'll switch it over to a t5, just not sure yet.

    The 3:73's will probably stay as I want the car to be a cruiser.

    I plan to change the hatch out with one from an aero car with the taller spoiler. That and maybe a cowl hood will be the only body mods.

    I do plan on upgrading the wheels, I'm leaning towards a 5 lug swap with some bullitts, or some 17" pony r's.

    The interior will get new carpet and the seats recovered.

    Here's a couple pictures with my 92 vert.

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    And one more of my red fox. When I bought it I didn't think I would like it much because it's a vert. But it's a very clean car, nice black leather interior, cold a/c, a bunch of well thought out bolt on's. A really fun nice weather weekend car. Debating on selling it to fund the 86, but I'm having trouble with the thought of letting it go.
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    I'd rather a fox an day

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    Good luck with the build!
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
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    Your brother in law made a BAD Choice!

    Good Luck with the build! I would much rather have an 86 GT T-top than a SN95, well except for maybe an 03/04 Cobra BUT Still!

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    There's no accounting for taste. Fox over sn95 any day.

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