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    Default Distributor O-ring?

    My original '80 turbo engine is finally built, but the O-ring on my distributor is drier than a popcorn fart, so I'd like to replace it prior to installing it in the car. I cannot seem to find a listing or part number for it. Does anyone have the part number or source for this? Thanks in advance.
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    I got one of these ones:

    Honestly I cannot think why any similar sized neoprene o-ring wouldn't work.
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    Me either. I'd need to know the size and thickness, however. The original is far too brittle to try to remove without damage. I am wondering if the one listed will actually fit a 2.3? I got a fel-pro o-ring and it is too big.
    Mike Rausch

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    Take your distributor with you to your local parts store. Have them pull a replacement distributor for your 1980 Turbo. Compare the O ring to your distributor and O ring. If it looks correct, remove the o ring from the new distributor and then have them match it from there O ring assortment. Problem solved!
    Good Luck!

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    82GTforME's is the same as the narrow 1/16" SECTION diameter

    1-9/16" nominal inner diameter, two thicknesses are 1/16 or 3/32.

    I-4, I-6,
    Fel-Pro - Distributor O-Ring
    Line: FEL | Part # 5511

    Prime it with Magnalube G

    There is a thicker one, Part # 13069, O-Ring Inside Diameter: 1.575 but it won't work as its too thick at 3/32".

    There is another interchange
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    -little late on this...Ford # is CODF-12143-A. they are obsolete, but there are a few dealers up in ur area that has some still in inventory....
    IF you cant find anything....
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