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    Unhappy 1995 5.0 gt with SVO kit and Borla exhaust Help

    good morning

    I just joined the site and I am in search of information.

    1995 5.0 with an SVO kit on it.

    it has a Borla exhaust on it where both pipes ( in and out) come out of the same end of the muffler.

    the swing pipes that have twin tips to stick out of the sides skirts are in perfect shape.

    the mufflers are in good shape.

    the problem is where the "H" pipes hooks to the mufflers is a ball/socket set up and one piece I believe is too short.

    the passenger side tips stuck out by 2". the driver side was inset by like 1/2"

    where can I get this socket pipe so I can try to put this back together and make it right?

    how far should the tips stick out of the skirt?

    thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the site. Someone on here may have those answers but you would probably have better luck on for those specific questions

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    I don't know who if anyone makes the pipe you need. You might have to go to a good exhaust shop to have it made.
    As far as pipes sticking out, they should be flush with the skirt molding or sticking out 1/2". I have seen them turning black on the top side of the hole from I presume heat or exhaust soot.
    I have seen them on several cars and I have seen different tips. Some were an oval shape to match the opening and some have had the two smaller round tips that fit in the opening just right so they fill the hole.

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    thanks for the site info I will check it out Homer302. I have the two port tips that fill the oval opening dagenham. thanks for the 1/2" distance. I was afraid I may have to go to a exhaust shop and have two new tubes made so I can get this exhaust to fit correctly.

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