Yea - thank god for poorly fitting pants.

oh wow - you had a really tough ordeal!

A group of punks in a gang tried to jack me in my wife's 89 ragtop as I was driving up the interstate through Wichita in 2006. Classic box in with multiple cars trick but I passed their lead car on the shoulder before the driver knew what was happening. I lived there once upon a time so I was not unfamiliar to the area. I was up north headed towards Salina so I dropped the hammer, took the next exit at high speed, cranked it back south, and headed for the cop shop running HOT. Kansas State Patrol was a 1/2 mile back and thanks to KS being so flat got the whole ordeal on a patrol cam. A patrolman was in a Camaro patrol car which more or less had enough cannon to run with me. Once I figured out he was not part of the pack behind me and they had scattered I stopped speeding up but also didn't down until he put his lights on. He got me clocked multiple times well in excess of 150 (in a 65) but after some discussion gave me a verbal warning and went after the guys in the gang that I got away from. Was really glad for how it ended. A ticket at that speed would have put me in jail for years down there.