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    Default Wideband power source

    I'm adding an Innovate MTX-L and a Vacuum gauge in place of the factory "information panel/clock" panel, and am looking for recommendations on where to source power from. The connectors from the (now) removed information/clock panel have several 12V switched sources, but will they be too "busy" to get a steady 12V supply? I have upgraded to the 3g alternator with internal voltage regulator which I hear provides a more stable signal.

    Is there a better place?

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    Radio power????
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    I've read that the radio power is not good for wideband sensors due to the varying current draw affecting the reference signal. I was looking more for a power supply that would keep a steady 12V with little variance.

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    On mine, I used the cigarette lighter as power and wired an adapter to the power wires of my MTX-L. However, I would recommend against it if you plan on running it full time while driving. I run mine only long enough to tune the carb and unplug it when I'm done. I install it when I tune and uninstall when I'm done.
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