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    Default LTD LX radio knobs?

    Does anyone have a picture of what the factory radio knobs look like in an LTD LX? Were they all black or were the rear knobs chrome like the T-Bird?

    I recently replaced the aftermarket tape deck in my car with a factory AM/FM out of a Mustang. The radio itself looks like it belongs there but the Mustang knobs look totally out of place.

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    Not sure what you mean by rear knobs or which radio you have, but here is a picture of the LTD LX instrument panel. Looks like all black to me.

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    Hmmm... That must be a 1985, my car is a 1984. I didn't realize they changed that much between the years. Even the heater controls are different.

    My car has the older style two-post radio with the tone/fader knobs behind the volume/tuner knobs. Looking at pics of T-Bird knobs, they match my headlight switch knob but the tone/fader knobs are chrome.

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    This is a pic I found of an '84 wagon. The brochure for that year doesn't show the base radio. Then again they don't even have the LX in there at all.

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    Thanks for the help. The radio [and heater controls] in that first wagon pic look like what's in my car now, and the knobs look the same as a T-Bird. That gives a good idea of what it is supposed to look like. The Mustang knobs I have now stick out much farther. I hope the difference is just the knobs and not the length of the posts on the radio.

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    not to hijack the thread, but is this the same mrriggs from

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    Quote Originally Posted by FB71 View Post
    not to hijack the thread, but is this the same mrriggs from

    You've uncovered my dirty little secret... the new daily driver has four wheels.

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    �� that's ok, I went from two to 4x4, now to four eyes, myself! Would love a pic of the LTD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FB71 View Post
    not to hijack the thread, but is this the same mrriggs from

    <---- From the company that brought Ford the SHO...

    Please do not adjust your knob, ob1 k'knob-E. Objects may apear bigger than they actually are...

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    I had an 85 but it had the electronic radio.
    However, seen some pics of Ford shaft radios with black knob set
    The fader/tone are black, thin, round with a tab for finger tip adjustment.
    The larger front main knobs are plain smooth and black.
    Other Ford products had them. Bronco, F-150, prob all the others at one time or another.
    Look nothing like the fancier much thicker chrome sets.

    The shafts are all the same. The thicker knob sets fit inside each other.
    Fader/tone has larger hole for longer front knob to fit thru them.
    The black set is shallow. Tone/fade has small hole only for radio shaft to stick thru.

    Example of similar black set:

    When the shaft one craps out, go for the optional electronic one that matches the rear harness plugs.
    Or remove working one and save. Replace with ele.

    Can change the connectors and update with the better early/mid 90's versions. All are DIN type.
    Adding aftermarket 4ch amp and better speakers really makes the oem radio sound very good.
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    Thanks gr79, it's good to know that the shafts are all the same. Those truck knobs would certainly look better than what's on there now.

    I went out of my way to put this radio in because I like the old mechanical push-button radios. If it ever died, I'd dig up a Sam's Photofact and figure out how to make it work again.

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    Oh damn, Sam's photo fact... Haven't used one of those in ages! Did some tv and VCR repair in college. I oddly repaired many tube sets in the late 80's - early 90's. Even modded the Pioneer stereo in my first gen Bronco with higher output transistors, bigger suppression caps and larger rectifier diodes. ��

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    Not sure if you got what you were looking for but I had a chance to get a picture of the factory radio in my 84 LTD LX.Name:  20170322_103447.jpg
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