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    Quote Originally Posted by 85CapriRS View Post
    The spot in my picture should be generally where it is though right? I will try and clean it like you said, right now it is pretty dirty but I assumed the numbers would be fairly prominent.

    The original car was supposedly white but it has been painted blue. Not sure how common it would be to paint the engine as well though.
    I had pain and anguish everywhere. You don't want to screw up yor Pony, but dang, its hard to get the numbers exposed at times.

    Non Stock Repainting? Its V-E-R-Y common and creates a lot of issues trying to establish its history. When I studied in line sixes, in 9 years, every low mount big bellhousing block I saw had been painted; They were never painted from factory except the rocker and oil pan. I've only seen two standard 1982 blocks on the net, and the other six were painted black, red or a non standard shade of Ford blue. FTSU = **** The Sys' UP

    Seams like every one hates the stock un-painted, rusted post 1981 Ford block

    Oh and "I assumed the numbers would be fairly prominent"

    Yeah me too. But I had to really work it to find mine.

    my partial VIN was BR101037

    Detail is Stamp2, DateO116Y, Small Code 2J213, Engine No BR101037.

    All over the show, like a bunch of engravers having an argument...

    Once I had that, I checked the catwalk frame horn under the gaurd/hood shut line by pulling a passenger side front wheel, the plastic liner, and then went about photoing it with a mirror, and then flipping it in Paint

    No B this time, but R101037 again, but it takes effort to see it...

    Hard work finding just those two matches, and then there was the buck code which I couldn't find at all....
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    Block stamping is by no means an exact science. Light stamps, double stamps, etc. These were stamped by hand by people who were more worried about what was for dinner that night than whether or not we'd be able to decipher their work 30 years on.

    As far as service blocks, not sure how it happened in Canada, but in the U.S. service blocks were bare iron AFAIK. Anyone who worked as a tech at a Ford dealer back in the 80's can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've seen several NOS warranty 302 roller blocks through the years and not a lick of paint anywhere.
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