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    So I am finally getting my GT350 Put back together after 10 years apart and I can't get it to start, looking for some advice. The engine turns over and will run on an alternate fuel source but will not off of the factory fuel system. After running through diagnostics on it I have found the injectors will not fire, the have voltage but no fire signal from the ecm. Fuel pressure is good at 38. I have tested all three grounds and power circuits at the cement which are good and tried two other known good ecm's and still have nothing. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Not sure if its related or not but if you depress the gas pedal to the floor that automatically shuts off the injectors. Maybe the ecu is getting that signal for some reason....
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    The ECU does receive a signal from the pip/tfi that tells it when to ground the injectors. Try loosening the distributor hold down bolt and with the key on, rotate the distributor as far as it will go in both directions. If you don't hear the injectors click than u know one of those 2 may be bad.
    Have u checked for codes? This may also point you in the right direction

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