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Thread: 1985 gt project

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    Default 1985 gt project

    just recently bought this mustang from a co worker of mine.a friend of his bought it in viginia.he never really did anything with the car and brought it north to Massachusetts.the co worker I bought it from had a plan to get this car back into nice shape.he ordered a ton of parts which he gave me with it.but life forced him to sell it.i couldn't pass on it.i had a 85 ,86 gt's in my younger years.its a oxford white 85 gt 5 speed,grey interior and a factory sunroof.needs a full interior resto and a paint job.body is perfect.needs a bumper cover in the is 100% stock.still has original exhaust! my goal is to get the body done and then work on interior.cant wait to start!

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    Looks like a real solid car! Great find!

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    Nice find and thanks for saving that one! I have undertaken a project or two. I hope you don't plan to be done by May 1st, haha. You have to have patience and perseverance. But that looks like a solid car. Keep us updated on the progress.

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    thanks father has owned a body shop for the last fourty years,i know how long it will take.body work takes alot of time.but i will plug away at it as i can.ill post pics as i go!

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    This'll be fun. Any intentions to spice up the drivetrain?

    Going back to white as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kfxmatt View Post
    thanks father has owned a body shop for the last fourty years,i know how long it will take.body work takes alot of time.but i will plug away at it as i can.ill post pics as i go!
    That's great to hear. It looks like you are new here based on your post count but you might be a long-time lurker, LOL. Anyway, we get a lot of people with a lot of energy after getting one home and then after about 6 months when they still can't see the light, they give up and we never hear from them again. Was just hoping you stay motivated! It's a 30+ year old car!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davedacarpainter View Post
    This'll be fun. Any intentions to spice up the drivetrain?

    Going back to white as well?
    to be thinking im going to put it back 100% not really in love with white,to me there is no "bling" to it.and the only reason i plan on it is because the car is so untoched over the years.ive been researching these and from what i gather,they arent worth a hell of alot of that makes me want to do something different.i have any color at my disposal...going to be hard to decide,but im thinkig white far as the motor,yes in time..maybe some aluminum heads,cam...etc..the car has been dustless blasted and epoxy primered..couple of small area's need some work but the bodywork overall is in great shape..sanding starts march 27th!

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    Default a newbie.i have had a mix of cars over the years.corvettes,mustangs,slp camaro,grand national and have spent the last ten years riding and racing my quad in the great north woods of maine and new hampshire.i just finished up restoring that and picked the mustang up.ill post pics of that build.its no car and that was alot of work! this wont be done in a week.between kids and work it will be tough,but im a determined s.o.b. once i get something in my head.
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    Wow, that thing is a BEAST I bet! Nice work.

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    hey guys.havent posted since I bought this car.i had some unfortunate events happen and haven't been able to start this father passed away and he was my helper for this now I go it alone! in his lucky enough to have a uncle that was half owner of the shop so he will be painting it for me.any how.been gathering parts and started to disassemble some of the parts that I plan on switching far in disassembly,i haven't run into any damage or unexpected seems straight and solid.its slow going,but progress is being made.ordered a new front bumper cover and completely cleaned and inspected all the headlights and and painted the frames.had to repair some cracks on the two mounts on the back.a little jb weld did the trick.solid as a rock now.put new marker lights and parking lights in.have six good foglights.they need to be cleaned up and I did test them to find the bulbs are bad in all but I found some wagner replacements on ebay.once those come in I can reassemble the foglights and mount back up to the car.then the sanding starts..some of the goodies
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    does photobucket not work anymore?i cant seem to post any other pictures than the speedo pic
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    Sorry to hear about your father bud.

    Photobucket has taken away the free hosting so it's pretty much useless. Posting from Flickr to this site is fairly easy once I figured it out. It can be done so the pics are shown in the thread, it just takes a bit of work. I can try and explain it if you would like.
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    thank you.its never easy to lose a loved one..thanks a million for the flickr thread.i followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.

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    Sorry to hear about your father. I lost my mother a year ago June 1. She is greatly missed. I wish I could see all the other pics, (Thanks Greedbucket) but the new ones look pretty good. I like that car! My 85 is Silver too...just worn out nasty paint and a purple hood!
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    sorry for your lose droopie.ill try to see if I can find which ones I posted and repost them.the car was dustless blasted and primed before I got it.really nothing to look at yet!yours looks good in the pic.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my dad August 26, he was a tough old bird, almost 87. He always loved to hear about my Mustang and had a lead foot no matter what he was driving.

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    thanks razor.sorry to hear about your dad.sounds like he was a pretty cool guygot the bumper jammed today.radiator support and I will touch up the cooler and radiator while I'm in there.

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    Very sorry about your dad. The years evaporate, dont they. Build in his honor, let us know if you need information. And if someone is nearby, help.
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    Sorry about your old man passing. My dad died almost twenty years ago, but he was a dick, so it's ok. Glad to see you're back after it, i'm glad your uncle is helping you out.

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    quick a lot done in the last week.removed the petrified weatherstrip from around the sunroof.sanded and seamsealed,primed and painted the inside of the hatch.painted the hatch jambs.ran into a snafu with the underside of the hood.someone had primed it with some red oxide style crap and when I put air to it to blow it off,it started to flake off.had to spend some time sanding it down.but I prevailed and got that painted too.hoping to get the body done in the next week or two.then I will start prepping the new body moldings and all the gray trim for paint.have all new weatherstrip,trim and emblems to put on.just need a hood decal.

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    Nice, keep up the good work!

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    been slowly picking away on the mustang on my free time.not going as fast as expected but hey...with the holidays here a man can only do so everything but under the hood jambed.trying to strip as much on each side of the engine compartment as possible.pulling the motor isn't a option right now so I have no choice but to do this with the motor in there.i didn't plan on doing any of it at this time but we sprayed the radiator support and inner fenders,and now the ugliness of under the rest of the hood really sticks out.

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