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    'Ceptinfur I've got a '79 wagon that doesn't ever spit back at me. And an '81 Futura... And two '85 GTs...
    Granted, we use vapor recovery nozzles here, but with those, any spitting back will cause the nozzle to
    shut off, and THAT would just piss me off.
    Yeah, that's what it does. And goes all over the ground out the little drain on the plastic liner at the top of the filler neck (that's why i thought there was a leak somewhere in the past, but that simply can't be true). You can see why I find this unacceptable. I wonder why yours don't do that though. Just have to complicate things don't you?

    Brian, all i can figure is the difference must be your 255 lph pump vs. my 88 lph pump. I have to cycle over and over and over. I am swapping in a 190 during this project though.

    I'm sure yours is happy to fire right up though too because it happens to be tuned properly. That's a ways off for mine.
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