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    Default DOT on Spare Tire

    Does anyone know if any original space saver spare for a 1985 would have DOT number on the tire? Also anyone know what the stamping on the rim would be? Thanks

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    Every tire manufactured for road use since mid-year 1968 must have a DOT stamp on the tire sidewall to be legal for road use.

    Up until mid-year 1968 all you would see was a manufacturer's production stamp which included the production date.

    Depending upon the wheel manufacturer there "should" be some manufacturer or production stamping's on the rim and rim center IF a 2 piece wheel. I do not know what those stamping's would be.

    You could always blow up the space saver tire and see!!!

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    Thanks Vintage racer I did find the date code. On one spare it was on the front of the tire. The other is was on the back. They were in the back of my shed and I didn't see it due it being dark. But after your response I found it. Thanks again.

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