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    Default Aluminum bumpers

    What year and what models had Aluminum front bumpers? I boight a rear from a guy but I need a front.

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    From everything I have seen or read, it was random with no rhyme or reason from 79-early 81? I've never seen one.
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    What is the weight difference between a steel and aluminum bumper? Thanks

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    IIRC 16lbs in the front, 22lbs in the rear. Those numbers are from my research, not from personal experience. I'd love to get a pair for my 86 one of these days, along with a 84GT front sway bar (smaller and a few lbs lighter).
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    That's a pretty big difference in weight. Did 86 4cyl cars have a smaller sway bar?

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    They did, although too small for what I want. The 84GT's had the same size sway bar as the 93 Cobra's.
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    Learned something new today.

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    Like Darran said, there seems to be no criteria for aluminum Mustang/Capri installations. Over the years, I have removed 5 aluminum fronts, and 2 rears for cars at wrecking yards. I have removed them from coupes and hatchbacks, 4 and 6 cylinder cars, all were 79 & 80 model years. Both the rears were removed from cars that also had aluminum fronts, but the other 3 cars that had aluminum fronts, had steel rears.To find these 7 bumpers, I bet that I must have checked over 200 cars. I walked among lots of these cars with a pretty strong magnet, that I used to see if it would stick to the bumper rebar. I installed one of the front into my 85 Mustang HB, but ended up selling both rears as taking weight of the rear of the car was not desired. Also, at least up here, both the aluminum rears had some corrosion issues at the rear mounting flange, likely due to road salt and snow build up accumulating inside the bumper channel.
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