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    Default 88 Turbo Coup Hood Modification

    I acquired an 88 Turbo Coup Hood with scoops, only 87-88 came with scoops on foxbody T-Birds. There function is to send fresh outside air into the intercooler. Located on the right side of the intake of the 2.3L OHC 140 Ford's Pinto motor power plant (Lame). My 83 foxbody T-Bird has the improved 5.0 Vee-Eight CFI. My question is how to plumb the hood scoops into the round air cleaner? and still open the hood. I removed all the original plastic ducting leading to the intercooler from the 88 hood.

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    I'm not too familiar with the turbo coupe cars though I have always admired them. The only thing I can suggest as a reference is what Summit Ford did on the Dominator Mustangs.
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    That would be a neat setup if done properly. Hopefully you follow through and keep us updated on this project as I for one would like to see it! Also, by the way, the 2.3 turbocoupe would leave a 5.0 CFI completely in the dust if both were 100% stock.
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    Ive only swapped them on 86-88 cars, and there is little to no room for much ducting.
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