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    Default 79-83 Mustang, 79-86 Capri front spoiler kit

    Well, I FINALLY got the parts together to add the front air dam to my McLaren, but of course, then I was offered a deal I couldn't refuse on the McLaren full body kit. And I just got all the brackets from some FEP users. I know selling the parts will probably irritate some sellers--I'm Sorry!!

    I'm just trying to get my money back out of the parts but I'm still losing a bunch. I had to get the bumper cover from Canada!

    The 'kit' includes the RS front bumper cover, NEW 1979 pace car lower air dam with NEW side pieces, and all the brackets except the two small plastic ones ( in the diagram). I also have the plastic pieces that fit into the bumper.

    The Bumper cover (1986 RS) is in pretty good shape except for a crack/tear near the headlight. I made it look worse by spreading it open in the pic--is is just a split, all the material is there, the paint is peeling up so it looks like a big hole in the picture. Some of the brackets with bolts that attach to the side extensions are bent.

    The Air Dam and side panels are Daniel Carpenter 1979 Pace Car air dam parts made from original Ford tooling. The air dam is plastic and the side pieces are fiberglass.

    The rest of the brackets are all in the diagram, included is a 1986 Capri fog light bracket.

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    The long plastic piece that inserts into the bumper has splits around the holes but I don't think it would affect the install. I was going to fill them with resin and re-drill.

    I'm missing some of the mounting hardware-- bolts and U-nuts.

    I don't want to split up the set, I'm looking for $1000 shipped anywhere in the US. I'm located in Norfolk, VA if anyone wants to take a look.
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    Update: I have split up the kit and sold off the air dam and side pieces. I will sell all the mounting hardware together for $300 and the bumper cover for $300.

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    Is this part still available?

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    Thanks, Mongos82ttop

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    That part has been sold, I only have the RS bumper cover left.

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    OK. Thanks for the reply.

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