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    well, new distributor in,,even with the distributor is a tooth off wont matter with the rotor pointing to the correct wire, same thing, and can be positioned to have more play with the vacuum advance not hitting fuel lines or whatever could be in its way.
    still initial timming all the way to 30 degrees seems the best in the this car, cold startups and hot conditions..... you guys think i could have some problems with the duracrap? i mean duraspark?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8T6 SVO View Post
    So the crank and cam timing are good?

    If the crank/cam/belt are set properly, sounds like you have a timing issue with the distributor and it is a tooth off. Have you tried adjusting the distributor?
    Apparently they are dead on... Starting to think that the cam might not be the right cam for it... The engine was rebuilt and the cam was changed with a new cam... Rockauto part...camshaft ITM ENGINE COMPONENTS 0561900
    Found out its the same part for the pinto, so might be a really small cam for na
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