U.S. version of "Capri RS" was changed to "Capri 5.0L" after the 1985 model year started. Some very early 1985 RSes still had "RS" embossed bodyside molding between the door and rear wheel. When they changed in the U.S. from RS to 5.0L in 1985 the assembly plant, for some unknown reason, put a "GS" badge on the hatch even though they were NOT a GS. People get confused all the time because they see a Capri 5.0L with a GS badge on the hatch and call it a Capri GS. But GSes did not have: front air dam with foglamps, dark charcoal window trim, or Sport seating. And the buck tag still had "CRS" (Capri RS) stamped to it whether it was called a Capri RS or a Capri 5.0L