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    Default 83 Capri Crimsom Cat

    Name:  S7300192.jpg
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Size:  157.1 KBName:  S7300197.jpg
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Size:  143.1 KBRust Free, un-restored nice driver. 72,500+ miles. Original 5.0 5 speed with t-tops.
    Has black seats with red inserts. Have TRX wheels and tires besides the 10 holes that are on the car now and some other parts.
    P.S, P.B, Power windows, Interval wipers, Rear defrost, Info center, Air
    Some modifications: Headers, X-pipe, Flowmasters, Subframe connectors, Neoprene bushings
    Some pics are in Gpa's Cat profile and album, more available on request.
    $ 6000.00 Or Best Offer. 02/28/17--$5,500.00
    Located in Des Moines, Iowa
    Contact me through this post or at
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    Has this car sold yet?
    1985 GT T-5 Convertible
    Repainted 1986 Light Regatta blue-Black/silver interior-Black top <----All by previous owner
    Originally-1985 Light Regatta blue-Blue/White leather interior-White top

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    No, and I hate spending $113.00 per month to store it. Will entertain offers.
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    Default Rent is due

    Thought I had it sold, haven't heard from anyone for a couple of weeks. The storage rent is due next week. Any offers? $ 5,500.00 or???
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    Default Tournament Bump

    Tournament Bump $ 5,500.00

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    Just paid the storage rent again. Would someone tell me what it takes to sell a rare, rust free car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gpa's Cat View Post
    Just paid the storage rent again. Would someone tell me what it takes to sell a rare, rust free car?
    Time & patience, It took awhile to sell my 83 RS.....
    Current rides:
    89 LX 5.0, 5 -spd..the Lemon
    86 RS Capri 5.0 Auto...
    86 LX Colorado SSP 5.0 5-spd (Sadly Sold)
    85.5 SVO, Finally Got Boost
    83 RS Capri 5.0, 5-spd (another sadly sold)

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    I'm in ames. I'd love to have it. But then I would have to live in a small dirty one bedroom studio on the wrong side of the tracks

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    Hey Jack,
    I've been looking to replace my 84 SVO with another SVO, but I have always had a soft spot for Capris like yours.
    If you haven't sold it, could you answer just a couple of questions:
    Are the T-tops water tight?
    Do you have any pics with the original XR7 type TRXs mounted on it?
    In your pics it looks like it has the earlier five bar grill instead of the 3 bar grill that, as far as I know, came on all Crimson Cats?
    PS I'm originally from Altoona, would it be ok to send a brother your way to take a close look at it for me?
    I never seem to get the nut that holds the steering wheel fixed

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    T-tops rain tight but not car wash tight. The 10 holes went on before my photography went digital. I have pics of the wheels, and other stuff, that I have e-mailed others. Give me an address to send them to. Don't know what to say about the grill. It was on it when I bought the car in '95 and color matched to the gold trim. No signs of serious front damage. I'm in Brook Run Village, the CC is in storage in Bondurant. We can work something out. Now that winter is behind us (?) I need to get it out and give it a bath anyway.

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    The t-tops DON'T leak. Just washed it. The top of the windows leak when water is shot horizontally into them. Same problem all hardtop style windows have. A new seal kit would cure that. All those seals are 34 years old!

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    ​sold- admin. Please remove

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