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    Default Remove smog equipment on carbed turbo

    Hi everybody,

    I want to remove all the smog equipment from my 79 mustang 2.3 turbo (carbed) to get rid of all unnecessary stuff and clean up the engine bay and get rid of the vacuum line mess. All the vacuum routing looks pretty original/right.
    I can figure out what most of the vacuum lines are going to and what they are there for but sadly not all of them and some of the lines connect to multiple things and I do not want to mess anything up by removing them. For example the one that goes to the egr valve also goes to other stuff.

    I want to remove the egr by just placing a blockoff plate on the port and putting in a screw where the egr tube came out of the turbo and pluging the vacuum line that goes to the egr. Or would that harm the turbo in any way because it gets more exhaust gas?

    Also I want to remove the charcoal canister. The canister is emtpy so the gas smell will not be much worse right? Also can I leave the fuel bowl vent (or whatever that thing on the carb is called where the line to the canister attaches) just open or do I need to plug it?

    I also want to remove the smog pump and it looks like a pretty straight forward task and I think I just have to plug the hole in the exhaust after that and the vacuum ports. Is that correct?

    I also want to get rid of the original air cleaner because I want to turn the hood scoop into a functional one and therefor I have to remove all the vacuum lines that go to the air cleaner box. Can someone clearify what all the connections are for?

    I saw some posts that already helped a lot but it would be great if someone who did all or some of that already could describe what he did and/or post some pictures or a vacuum diagramm so that I can figure out the remaining problems.
    I know that there is a vaccuum troubleshooting book, that many recommended, for these engines but it would cost me around 50 bucks with shipping...

    Sorry that I ask so many questions but I am just starting to figure everything out and it is the first time and I do not want to mess anything up or brake anything because it is quite expensive to get spare parts shipped to Germany.

    However any help is greatly appreciated.


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    any updates?

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    Hello, I did this on my 79 pace
    Car. Pretty easy. You will need approx 2 check valves on the vacuum lines around the carburetor and also 1 on your distributor vacuum line. I coup put together a list of check valves and their locations.i bought mine from national parts depot and very inexpensive. Check out my pics on my profile. Todd

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