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    that is the one that got away from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davedacarpainter View Post
    Thank you, at least I know now!
    other links on it

    Quote Originally Posted by boboli View Post
    Since you asked about the heat riser, I found one of the 85 ones I have. I think I tossed the other long ago. There are 2 on ebay right now( 1 used and 1 new) that look exactly the same.
    from the rear

    from the engine side

    the label on the vacuum canister has long since been destroyed, so I can't read any #'s. The label almost looks to have a bluish color, but I can't say if that is original or just from time. The original on ebay has a red sticker. Maybe they are color coded to size? The only cast # on the valve body is a #4 right at the corner, near the vacuum canister.

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    Time has got away from me a little bit. My brother found out he’s got esophageal cancer, that’s kind of taken the wind out of my sail.

    Plus we had rain here for about a week and I got lazy.

    So last night I did a little something. I finished disconnecting the last of the things holding in the drivetrain, speedo cable, couple harnesses. I took the yoke off the driveshaft to plug up the tail shaft housing, put the trans pan back on, drained the oil, etc....

    I thought you might be interested in this picture of the trans crossmember, even it has rottedName:  575557A4-B297-414E-B63C-A3AFF1B342FA.jpg
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    I will be pulling it Thursday night with a buddy of mine. I’ll have to push Scuby out of the storage unit, pluck the engine out and push it back in to storage, hence the needed help.

    I’ve got a bad feeling about the right frame rail, I’ll look closer at it after the engine is out.Name:  374E9281-B24C-429F-96A8-AF70F48E2B64.jpg
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    The left side looks great. Maybe next week I might be taking the car to the shop to throw on the frame machine.

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    Man! Sorry to hear about your brother Dave. I'm sending prayers your guy's way. Cancer blows.

    It appears that crossmember has been modified by the same guy that did mine.

    Name:  cm2.JPG
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Size:  129.5 KBName:  cm3.JPG
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    I'm an FEP Supporter and proud of it. Are you?

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    Thanks Brock.

    Yeah, I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow night after I pull the engine.

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    Real sorry to hear this news about your brother, Dave. Cancer sucks!

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    Sorry to hear about your brother. There was a guy that sat next to me at the chemo place that had esophageal cancer. He had to have all his food pureed. It's a tough road, but they can do a lot for cancer patents now.

    Previously owned;
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    Default Empty Engine Bay

    Last night I finally got the engine pulled, it took all of twenty minutes.
    Name:  IMG_3594.jpg
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Size:  119.1 KBName:  IMG_3593.jpg
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    Heres that trans crossmember Brock. Rotted a bit. Did your car's PO try to just make a double hump one for dual exhaust?
    Name:  IMG_3605.jpg
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    I'll be replacing a good portion, if not all of the right frame rail. It's rotting just behind the sway bar mount and the shock tower area doesn't look so great either. The left side is totally fine though.
    Name:  IMG_3599.jpg
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Size:  93.7 KBName:  IMG_3600.jpg
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    Next week I'll be taking the car to the shop to put on the frame machine. I'll be buying three or four cans of Gunk though first and it'll get another washing at the car wash before it ever gets strapped to the frame machine.

    I'm going to wait on putting the new radiator support in obviously since the rail needs to be replaced. I may just wait till I have all of the new stuff. I'm going to smooth the engine bay with new inner fender panels as well. I also believe I'll be putting in a tubular lower radiator support as well to open up a little more room for all of the supercoupe stuff. I've been giving thought to that, including a larger intercooler.

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    I also pulled the gas tank out, just a little dent there huh?Name:  D0F0DA79-DAE0-40D8-BA58-9BAB65518CC6.jpg
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    I used my impact wrench to remove the bolts. That made it seem like a dust storm from the thirties had hit Oklahoma again. Dust came out of everything!

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    Dave, Cancer SUCKS. I'm 47. I've got maybe 40 more years. Let's hope mankind finds a cure in the next 40 years...that's something I want to see before I die!

    Well, with the looks of the frame rail and all of your plans, you've got plenty to do all fall and winter long! Great progress so far!
    1985 GT, Sunroof, 5 Lug, Rear Discs, 01 Graphite Bullets, 88 forged piston shortblock, 2.02/1.60 Alum heads, Weiand Stealth, Holley C950 TBI, BBK Long tubes

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    Today I hauled Scuby to the shop.Name:  IMG_3611.jpg
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    Some buddies helped me to load and unload himName:  IMG_3612.jpg
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    Sitting next to a new found buddyName:  IMG_3614.jpg
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    Tomorrow the glass comes out. Thursday afternoon he'll get strapped to the frame machine and get straightened out.

    Rmember the smashed in gas tank? I think that's when it got buckled on the right quarter. There's a very small buckling of the right rear floor pan. No worries though, the frame machine will make all things straight and square again.

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    I got the glass pulled today. That 34 year old butyl did NOT want to let go!Name:  IMG_3617.jpg
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    The windshield didn't survive, which is ok though. I was planning on a new one anyhow.

    I had time to clean the quarter glass. The rear is in great condition. The defroster lines are all in tact too.Name:  IMG_3620.jpg
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    Closer to paint now! I think Carlite windshields are still available too

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    Being that torn down, I'd just have the whole car sand blasted or soda blasted. Looks like shes coming along though!

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    Slowly but surely. I was going to put it on the frame machine tonight, but a chance came along to get back to the yard and pull more from the sc engine. So I’m doing that tonight instead.

    Frame machine will be next Monday or Tuesday.

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    Got the supercharger off the engine with the intakes for the supercharger and the intake manifold, and, of course, the throttle body.
    Name:  IMG_3622.jpg
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Size:  135.4 KBName:  IMG_3623.jpg
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    I was hoping the mosquitoes would have died back a little with the cooler weather.......I was wrong

    The yard owner has a mechanics shop he rents out to a couple guys. They are willing to finish pulling the engine for $175 for me. I'm all in on that one! So, maybe here in a couple weeks I will really have the engine in my garage.

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    I got the car up on the frame machine this afternoon finally.
    Name:  IMG_3636.jpg
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    I was right about it being tweaked from the right rear. It measured about 22mm higher on the right rear than the left. Plus about 5mm outboard as well.

    Luckily our computer for the frame machine has all the measurements for fox mustangs. That made life easier.

    It took considerably longer to do the set up than the actual pull. truthfully, I spent maybe five minutes actually pulling. It's just 7mm off now and brought back inboard to a zero reading. More than good enough for me.

    The large tweak on the right quarter/sail panel area came right out. Mind you, the buckled edges are still there. So a bit of metal work and mud to follow in the springtime.Name:  IMG_3638.jpg
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    The front subframes measured out wonderfully.Name:  IMG_3637.jpg
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Size:  122.7 KB Other than the right frame rail replacement, new radiator support and smoothing panels, maybe a little patch work on the shock tower, the front is great

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    Nothing real exciting here, just got the old engine loaded on the pick up so I can take it to the yard tomorrow. I was just excited that I did it by myself and didn't walk away with any breaks or scrapes on my body!Name:  IMG_3639.jpg
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Size:  95.0 KBName:  IMG_3640.jpg
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    No pictures today, just information.

    I dropped off the old drivetrain at the yard.

    The yard owner said he will pull the t-bird out of the scrubs next tuesday. I got to talk to the mechanics there and they confirmed they would pull the engine.

    Here's hoping, maybe by next weekend it'll be in my garage!

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    Dave, I know enough to be pretty dangerous but are you going to double check with the frame machine when you are done with the front frame replacement?
    As meticulous as you are Im surprised you left that 7mm goe��
    22mm. Must have been a fairly decent hit to the car.

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    I’ll remeasure after the new frame rail for sure.

    7mm really isn’t much, brand new ones would have that kind of imbalance between sides, at least the ones we got here in Oklahoma. Plus the accuracy of measurements now are just so much more accurate with the computerized measuring system, it would be interesting to measure out a completely undamaged mustang with it just to see what numbers I would come up with.

    It was a more solid hit to the right rear than I thought originally, I’m not sure if it was the same accident that crushed the right side of the gas tank or not. All that really showed, and the main reason I put it on the frame machine was that buckle at the sail panel.

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    Measuring in millimeters is a long way from reading specs and using a tape measure when I replaced the frame rail on my 66 mustang with the body laying on it's side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagenham View Post
    Measuring in millimeters is a long way from reading specs and using a tape measure when I replaced the frame rail on my 66 mustang with the body laying on it's side.
    Lol, yeah, that's really what I'll be doing when i weld in the new frame rail. After everything is back in place the car will make another short trip to the shop for remeasuring and pulling if necessary.

    The right rear frame rail is 7mm higher than the left, btw. I figured this is ok since that's just a little over a quarter of an inch. I think to really remove that difference would require a bit more time than I want to invest in the pull as well. I believe the whole rear of the body has a slight twist to it. If it were a more significant number I would have spent the time resetting the clamps and chains to remove it. After the initial pulls though it came so close all around that I'm ok with it.

    The owner of the dealership doesn't mind a quick check on things for my car. He just doesn't want it down there for the full repair process. It's his shop, so, ok.

    Believe me, given my choice I would put in the new rail while it sits on the frame machine. Between the laser measuring system and the computerized arm to check various points for proper dimension it would be very exact in measurements.

    Oh well, it still will be, just a little extra work is all. Nothing in particular has been real easy on this build so far (except maybe the taillights).
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    I literally spent all afternoon reading this entire posting1. Thank goodness it is one of those soggy rainy days or the Mrs might not have accepted my laziness all day!
    You have done so many things to that little coupe that I need to do to buy vert.....between you and Walking Tall I have the road map to cleaning up my baby.

    The decision to use the S/C motor is cool. Dare to be different! At one time about two years ago, there was about 6 S/C coupes sitting at the local Pick and pull here in Virginia Beach. I looked at them on more than one occasion dreaming........

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    I will be getting the sc engine tomorrow after work, WOOHOO!

    Can't say I'll have it in the garage on the engine stand tomorrow night. It may spend a night in the back of the truck.

    I've got to go get two or three cans of Gunk at lunch tomorrow. She's a dirty little btch.

    I'm so excited!!

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