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    not sure whets wrong with the FEP site.. it shows me as a new member with only 20 posts. .and ive been posting here since 2008.... roy
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    Roy, thats 275 posts, 24 of them personal the rest sales, 11 pages of posts since 08-14-2008, 02:40 PM.

    Without your asistance, the Four Eyed Fox community would be suffering First Episode Psychosis.

    I love your work. Especially the Lazer cut spacers.
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    thanks... roy

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    Posts in the classifieds don't add to your post count.

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    ok.. ive been posting in classifieds for years how do I do that now?. it doesn't seem to want to let me create a new one, I made a donation a few weeks ago.. thanks. roy

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    ok.. new batch of spacers from the machine shop are now ready to ship.... pm if you need any..thanks

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