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    Glad to hear you have the axles now, but bummer about the cross pin bolt breaking. I have no idea how to help.
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    Ok guys, I know it's been ages, but with a new job and all the work I've been doing to the car along with life getting in the way I find myself forgetting to keep this updated for everyone. I was able to get the bolt out of the rear end. The car looks sooooo much better now that my wheels aren't pushed out a mile by the adapters I had. Now on to the better news. I had enough of that 2.3. It left me walking or waiting for a tow one too many times. 3 or 4 weeks ago it happened again. I thought it was my TFI module. Slapped on a new one and it fired up then died a few seconds after. Tried another TFI, nothing. Pickup in the dizzy went bad. Put another dizzy in and it fired up fine. But once driving it sounded like I was driving a giant popcorn maker down the road. Timing was fine. Firing order fine. Sick of spending money I ripped that pile of 2.3 out and tossed it in the backyard. I ran up the credit cards and threw my 347 build into overdrive. My infamous "Four Banger Stanger" now has a gorgeous V8 347 cubic inch engine along with a 5 speed. I had some woes with my first start. Backfired pretty bad out the carb and lit my top end on fire. Burnt up a couple wires and my fuel line (which made it that much worse). By far one of the scarier moments in my life. I'm sure my timing was too far advanced. Also my carb isn't working right. I'm sure I messed up somewhere when I rebuilt it. Edelbrock 1406. It's been in my garage for several years. I don't remember what was wrong with it before. Maybe the same issue, who knows. So anyway that's where I stand now guys. Waiting to save a few bucks for a new carb and a couple odds and ends. I am beyond excited for this car. The 347 looks amazing under the hood. Every day when I get home from work I pop that hood and choke up a little telling myself "I did this." I know I'm not the first to do it. But I'm proud of myself so far. Doing this swap alone for the first time. Building a V8 for the first time. Doing all of this outside crawling around on cardboard over the dirt. I can't wait until I can fire it up, correctly this time. I don't have exhaust yet so I'm sure the neighbors won't be as happy.

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    Quick and easy tip for first startup timing. Find TDC. Usually you can have someone turn by hand or bump with the start (with the coil wire off) while you stick you finger in the #1 spark plug hole. When you feel air pushing your finger out, you are on the compression stroke. Turn the timing marks to about 10 degrees before top dead center. BTDC. Then rotate the distributor so that the rotor tip points to the number one plug wire. You should be in the safe zone for it to start up. After it's running and broken in, you can tune the engine and adjust the timing to what it wants.

    Good job so far....we need some pictures, though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by droopie85gt View Post
    Good job so far....we need some pictures, though!
    Agreed! This big of a change needs a visual!
    Quote Originally Posted by Travis T View Post
    I think this is my favorite car on the site right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by BLUECRAPI
    This is the best thread on the internet.
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    I'll try to get some pictures today for you guys

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    Ripping that 2.3 out. I didn't think ahead of time how I would move the engine after getting it out. I work on dirt.... so I threw it on top of my go-kart and that worked pretty well lol

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    Some pics from the day I put my $50 block on the stand up until where I'm at right now. I need a couple more pieces to finish off the cooling system. I have to pull the tranny again. My clutch fork slips on and off the pivot ball far too easily. Not sure if I just didn't notice that when I first put it in or what happened. I'll need a longer clutch cable. After that it should be able to hit the road for the first time. Then I'll save my pennies for mufflers and exhaust. What do you guys think so far? I apologize for the sideways pictures. I can't figure out why they do that.

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    This weekend I'll be pulling the transmission. Or well hopefully, with it being memorial weekend I may not feel up to it. I'm hoping I can just unbolt the tranny from the bellhousing, mount, and remove the shifter to just slide the tranny back. and of course remove the driveshaft from the rear end. I really don't wanna remove the trans crossmember and drop the tranny entirely. I had the hardest time getting the new crossmember in the first time. So I don't wanna try it again. I'm also not the strongest guy in the world to be moving the tranny around while I'm rolling in the dirt under the car.

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    Took it for the first test drive. Backfires pretty bad. But only on the passenger side. Drivers side is just fine. Seems weird to me. I’m out of time for the day. I’ll pull the spark plugs on that side tomorrow and go from there.

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    I feel kinda dumb... I had the number 4 and 8 plug wires backwards. Took it for another test drive. Wow.... I am beyond impressed the difference now from the 2.3. I’m still open header so I didn’t drive around the neighborhood too long. Just from those few minutes I fell in love with my car all over again and forgot about all the troubles I’ve had doing this alone. . I finally have a mustang with some power. I can’t wait until I have exhaust and have the engine fully broken in.

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    Iíve decided on some Spintech 9000 mufflers for the car and probably 2.5Ē for them and the pipes. We donít seem to be drawing much attention in this thread... so Iíll be taking a break from posting. Iíll be back to update this when I get the exhaust done. Iím not sure when. Iím short on funds after speeding up the build.

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