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    I haven't seen it done but i wonder how much effort it would take to braze/weld nuts onto the back of the body's panel.
    You could probably use a nut/bolt combo to hold the nut in place while welding. TIG would be harder than MIG most likely, but if you didn't burn through the outer metal it should work. With the interior panels out, you can easily access the back of each outer metal panel. The fiberglass panels are thick enough that it would probably be easier to make a recess to accomodate the riv-nut (which may be what I do).

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    This weekend I finished up the install guides for a lower radiator support and a pair of caster / camber plates from team Z Motorsports before going on to start working on the exterior mirrors and sail panels for refinishing / painting. A little sanding, filler, and SEM extrior paint and they'll be sweet.

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    Had to fix some cracks on my door pillars.

    I also am working on refinishing the exterior door mirrors and sail panels with SEM trim paint.

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    Here is the sunroof headliner conversion I did a while ago, out on YouTube today.

    I rolled the car out this weekend and degreased the engine bay, engine, and underside of the car. I hope to never do that again! Thankfully it's about 85% done and I can get the 4-cylinder suspension out and under the scrap body to be hauled off soon.

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    This was the start of the sunroof seal replacement after I installed the headliner for the last time (I hope).

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    This week's video is about the sunroof restoration. New paint and seals make it shiny!

    I also spent about 3 hours yesterday assembling the red car going to scrap. Old seats, engine/transmission, k-member, and front suspenson all put on the car. As soon as my trailer is empty, the red car can finally leave.

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    One project I'm currently working on is the torque box reinforcements. These are from UPR. I have the lower in, and just need to work on the uppers this week.

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    Here is the video for the exterior door mirror restoration.

    The lower torque box reinforcements are done, and I'm working on the upper pieces. Once that's done, I'm going to start on the engine bay.
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    This week's video from Project: Widefox are the sail panels. These were done with body filler, SEM high-build primer, and exterior trim black. I used what I learned from the mirrors to make sure these came out perfect.

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    Over the weekend I drove 4 hours to get a new front bumper for the widebody kit. I had a vision a year ago of a 2000 Cobra-R bumper with a widebody kit. I bought the kit a couple months ago. And until a week ago, I hadn't seen a used Cobra-R bumper for sale. I have to cut it up a little bit to make it fit, and I didn't want to pay $500 for a new one just to take a saw to it immediately. There was a guy who got one with a car he bought, and he didn't like the bumper. Too racy for him. Perfect for me. And at the $100 he wanted for it, I couldn't pass it up. I drove from my farm up to Corvallis, Oregon to grab it. This week's video details the trip a little bit. Some nice scenery to/from Corvallis.

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    This day was a good and bad. Good because I was cleaning out a bay in the garage from stuff I no longer needed or wanted, but definitely sad that I was sending my initial dream build to the crusher. Scrap prices really aren't much where I live, so I was only going to basically cover gas money.

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    I am finally getting around to posting the degreasing video. I watched it again and now vividly rememebr how bad it was. Glad to not have to do it again any time soon.

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    Before I hauled off the crashed notchback, I spent a few minutes documenting the difference in the carb vs EFI fuel tanks. I see this question pop up once and a while and hopefully it answers a few questions.

    My project this week is to get the engine bay repainted and the trunk cleaned up. I need to start mock-up of all the EFI wiring, battery relocation, etc.

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    Looking good!
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    This week's release is installing set of torque boxes lower reinforcements from UPR Products. Pretty straight forward from the instructions, and I chose to weld the plates in as added insurance.

    This last week I completed the engine bay work. Inner fenders were scuffed, rust repaired, then primer and paint. Engine bay was the same. All the way through paint this weekend. I did some rust repair on the trunk, then gave it a good cleaning.

    I also took off the bodyside molding to repaint the door and areas where the moldings were before I start on the widebody kit installation. I ordered a set of fasteners and a rivet nut set-up to install the rear flares with. It shuold start to get real interesting soon.

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    I finished up the UPR Products Torque Box reinforcement kit. Pretty easy to install and happy to have them done before I start to beat on the car next year.

    I received all the fasteners for the widebody kit, so I'll be starting on that in the next week.

    I have been cleaning this week, just getting rid of every ounce of grime and dirt from the truck and interior. I've laid down a few pieces of DEI Boom Mat already and have more to go before I start on wiring the car (or layout first).

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    I started tinkering with the widebody kit this week. I just wanted to see how bad they really fit, and how much work they will be to "get right". Let's say... A LOT. I realize these are race fenders, but the fit & finish is less than I thought they would be since they were pulled from production sheet metal. I will work to make them fit like OEM, which I can already ponder how much fiberglass work it will take. Not completely sure how I will get there, but I will get there.

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    Coming along nicely
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    Plans to be determined...

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    Here is the video for the engine bay paint.

    I picked up some new material to recover my '92 parcel shelf (again). I'm going black this time, where I did it before in a dark gray to match the '92 interior. Almost time to start laying out thw wiring harnesses and get that widebody kit going.

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    Here is the video for the notchback trunk work. Just a lot of dirt to get out and then take care of some surface rust.

    I am also swapping the 4-cylinder pedals for a set of later model V8 pedals. I took the time to disassemble the V8 pedals, prep the metal and paint black, then reassemble with a little fresh grease. I am going to do the same with the dash frame pieces this week.

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    Here is the video for the black parcel shelf (making the '92 gray shelf into black) and making a sunshade for the sunroof opening (for security and sun block).

    I'm still working on the taillight restoration this week and the widebody kit.

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    I've gotten a lot of questions on the widebody kit over social media, so I made an "intro" video to show all that needs to go into the kit to fit onto the coupe. I couldn't find video anywhere that showed the Maier Racing kit going on. Just pictures on Instagram. Here is the video of the kit work to be done in the next month.

    I worked on the passenger rear fender on Friday night. It's mounted for now and I've cut the fuel door opening open to assess the work needed there. I still need to trim the outer metal away to fit the bigger tires on the coupe, but I did use a 275 tire I had in the garage to simulate what it will look like. The wheel in the picture is a 17x9 with a 275 tire. It's about 3/8" from the flare edge and is touching the original fender metal (it can't go any higher yet). It was scary as hell to start cutting on the metal body as once you start you can't go back easy. The 275 tire has a t least 2" behind it to the inner tub metal surface. A 315 should fit easily.

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    I finally had the time to get started on the widebdy kit. I picked the right rear quarter panel to start on as I think it will have the most work to be done. Fit the flare, cut out the extra metal, a fuel door, and maybe some extra work.

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    Here is the video for the pedal restoration. Some are saying, "Why would you spend the time when the factory didn't even coat them? They aren't seen."

    I ask, "When you build a car from scratch, why would you use rusty parts?"

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