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    This past Saturday I took the WideFox out for its 2nd Cars & Coffee event in town. No issues other than the hesitation in the RPM band, but at a steady cruise it does just fine. It's only when it's warmed up, so I'm going to guess maybe the coil is the issue. I'll get a replacement for the MSD on the car, since it sat for two years moving from cabinet to cabinet in the garage and I really have no idea when it was put on the last car before this one. They are relatively inexpensive to replace.

    I had two people come look at the car because they had seen pictures of it on Facebook and hoped I would bring it out. I talked to a few people about doing some wrap work, and maybe that will pick up a few extra things. I have a Chevy Avalanche to do in the next few weeks when I have enough time, so I'm going to be full in the garage with 3 cars in a 2 car garage.

    Beyond that I'm getting the garage ready to get the '86 hatch in for teardown after SEMA in a couple weeks. Winter is coming!

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    I haven't done a whole lot on the widebody since SEMA almost 2 months ago. I vinyl wrapped a Chevy Avalanche, which took most of my free time in November. It was done a few days after Thanksgiving, and the owner picked it up and immediately drove it to Arizona for the winter months. December was more working on little things around the farm before it was too cold to work outside. That day finally came, and I've been tinkering in the garage a few nights here and there.

    I did buy some carpet, floor mats, and scuff plates for the WideFox. It took me a couple nights to get them all put in, but I'm happy with the finished product. I just need to finish up the dash work and get the dash back in for the car to be 100% together. I'm going to update the suspension this year to make the car able to handle some autocross. PanHard Bar, rear control arms, new springs, etc. I want to get at least one more year out of the 5.0L + 5-speed before I think about changing it to a 351W based combination.

    I've started to work on the '86. I took the dash out to look at some of the vacuum lines, and plan to replace the heater core since it's available. No need to leave the old one there with the dash out of the way, right? I plan to vinyl wrap it, plus clean up the interior before selling it this summer if I have it done. I'm leaving the v6 drivetrain alone as it runs (or will run) when I get the fuel system cleaned out.

    Beyond that, it appears I have a '66 El Camino to put back together over the next 3 months as a surprise for my father-in-law. He's had it in pieces for about 14 years, and never seems to get to it. I'd like to have it done by April 1st.

    I thought about building another widebody, but think I'll pass. There is a '90 4-cylinder coupe about 2 hours from me that would be a good base car to start on. With the '86 and El camin, plus a little widebody work already, I just don't think I'll have the time or funds for another complete build.

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    I'm back at the widebody again after the holidays and finally got around to putting a new hood insulator on. I wanted something a little different so Design Engineering sent me two of their three options to try out. I used the black cloth option, and am pretty happy with the end result. Easy to cut with scissors or a razor blade and it's adhesive backed to stick right on there.

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    After that was done I've been working on the dash vacuum lines and wiring to get the interior 100% back in. Vacuum lines are now figured out and they work. Where I'm struggling is the blower motor. It's new, but I didn't replace the resistor. I'm wondering if I should have replaced it. I never used the blower when I bought the car, so I don't know if it ever worked. I'm going to replace it just to have a new one in there. No need to go back in later if this one works and fails later. I am trying to find a new set of gauges since the oil pressure gauge is dead, a new set of A/C controls since mine are pretty worn out, and a new temp control cable. I can't find mine, but I don't rememebr taking it out originally either. I realized last night that my floor vent duct work is missing (or it was when I bought the car). Once I have that done the car will be complete.

    So... That means it's time to start taking it apart again for more mods, right? I am going to put some H&R springs in it to replace the Eibach I have now. That will set the ride height, so I can work on a panhard bar later, rear spacers (if needed), and get my Cobra R bumper fit up. I need to fix a coolant leak on the engine now (just showed up this week) and a PS rack leak (showed up last week). Sadness, but everything is 25 years old.
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    Carpet video went live this morning. I started assembling the dash last night, but didn't get too far.

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