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    Thumbs up Welcome to Project: JOATMON - 1980 Widebody Coupe Build

    I am not much for pictures outside of Facebook and Instagram, but I do enjoy video work and YouTube. I have started to document my 1980 Coupe build, a project I'm calling "Project: JOATMON". Here's a sneak peek at what I'm starting with when I get back around to it.

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    Subscribed! I love watching car build videos on YouTube, I would love to do one myself but don't seem to have the time.

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    I FINALLY got the '80 in the correct garage bay for the Winter months!

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    Finally had some time to separate the transmission from the bellhousing and housing from the engine. Clutch is a goner. New one is ordered.

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    Another piece of the puzzle..

    I haven't spent a lot of time on the coupe recently. I put on some new door and window run channel seals, then decided I wanted to carbon fiber wrap all the chrome. I stopped on the driver's door after taking the chrome trim off. You have to really take the rubber channels out to have easy access to the trim. I'll get that all wrapped and then put back on the car. I also have some new outer rubber dew wipes in the mail to put on. The 36 year old ones now are crumbling from drying out.

    I have a package coming from Design Engineering also. It has sound deadner, some coolant additive, and a support package (t-shirt, hat, sticker, etc.). Not 100% sure what they are sending for me to wear around, but I always like stuff to wear out to shows and such.

    Beyond that I'm putting together my parts list with all the vendors I plan to buy from, prices, web links to the parts, etc. I have some support requests to finalize before I get too far into the project.
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    I wrapped the trim in 3M Di-noc vinyl this weekend as my trim in scratched and dented from 36 years of service.

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    I had a chance to add a pair of Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors a couple weeks ago.

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    I had the chance to install a new set of door seals on the '80 coupe. The doors shut so tight now.

    Beyond that I have finished up the 3M DI-NOC vinyl wrap on the trim. I like how it came out. DEI sent me a care package for the new coupe, so once I have the interior out I can start on the Boom Mat install.

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    I installed a new set of window run channel weatherstrips a few weeks ago.

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    Finally had some time to put on new outer window dew wipes.

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    Today the first video on my 3-part series of vinyl wrapping my trim is public. I haven't been able to get much else done due to floor space limitations. I have parts everywhere and no place to put other parts from the car until I get my other bay cleaned out. The snow refuses to leave timely, so I'm at a stand still until I can get my other car out of the garage in a couple weeks.

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    I finally had nice enough weather to open up the garage doors and get the rest of the 4-cylinder pieces out. Engine and transmission came out without too much of an issue, and didn't make too bad of a mess. Fuel system wasn't too hard to get out, but the bolts on the fuel tank straps were nicely rusted solid. It only took a torch and PB Blaster to get them loose enough to get them off.

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    Today part 2 (of 3) for the carbon fiber trim wrap work is up. This week I'm showing the rear coupe window work. Let me know what you think.

    So last night I took the carpet, seatbelts, and rear seat out of the coupe. OMG. The car had mice in there at one point and the smell under the seat was terrible. I also confirmed what I feared... The sunroof leaked in a couple places and rusted the floor. Thankfully it's not rusted through and it will clean up with a wire brush and inhibitor. More work than I'd hoped, but thankfully not bad enough to have to cut the floor out.

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    Here is part 3 (of 3) for the carbon fiber 3M vinyl wrap on the chrome trim.

    I've since moved on to repair the cracks in the floor complete with rust prevention coating and etching primer. I have a lower radiator support coming from Team Z in the next week. I just need to fix the cracks in the door next, then I can start on sound deadner, replacing the headliner, and new sunroof seals.

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    The engine and trans are out of the car and I'm on to other things to fix. I'm still not sure what engine / trans I'm going with long-term. I'm going to put the '92 EFI 5.0L & T5 in for now.

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    I recently replaced the passenger door hinge pins and bushings on my 1980 notchback. Here is the video of that work.

    Beyond that I have caster/camber plates, a new lower radiator support, and through-floor subframe connectors coming from team Z to install. I converted a standard roof aero (1992) headliner to a 1980 sunroof headliner with black cloth over the weekend. It came out really nice.

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    I should have a Maier Racing widebody kit coming at the end of the month also.

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    This morning the interior removal and surface rust repair video is up on YouTube.

    I was able to finish up all my sunroof / headliner work last night. New seals, sound deadener, and new headliner.

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    This week's episode is about fixing the floor cracks on the notchback.

    Some of the other work going on to film includes a set of Team Z Motorsports caster / camber plates and a lower radiator support.

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    I should be picking up my widebody kit today from the shipping company, so this thing may be getting out of hand.

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    Finally picked up my Maier Racing widebody kit with the 3" flare.

    This is the concept I sketched up last year that started the whole thing in my mind. This was done on tracing paper using some cars from a magazine in the back and then a picture off the 'net. The lower front fascia is an '03/'04 Cobra half molded on. Still nt 100% sure this is the final direction I'll go yet.

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    I couldn't wait to start tinkering, so I just started to set the pieces on the car to see what it would start to look like. There's so much work to be done between now and Winter before I get the widebody started after the car is put away ths Winter.

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    Very cool addition to the coupe. I like where you're going with this project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTurbo View Post
    Very cool addition to the coupe. I like where you're going with this project.
    Thank you. I have had this idea in my head for a couple years and finally feel like I'm getting it on the right track. I have wanted a widebody Mustang for a while. I want to get this one done by next Spring and drive the absolute crap out of it. I have so many things to work on but the end goal is always on my wall (my sketch). When I get frustrated or feel like I am not getting enough done, I just go stare at my wall for a minute. I also have a hand written quote I did for myself. "How can you build it if you don't believe it?" It kicks me in the ass.

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    I'm not much of a vlogger, but I did record the trip to get the widebody kit.

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    If i wasn't attempting to keep my car looking somewhat stock, flares would be on the todo list.
    How are you mounting the rear flares?

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    I have not 100% decided yet. They are designed for rivets, but I have considered using riv-nuts to make them able to come off easier. I am not going to worry about painting the car for a while, but eventually they would need to come back off for paint. The riv-nuts have a small lip to them and it may make them sit off the surface a little bit. I don't want that.

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    I haven't seen it done but i wonder how much effort it would take to braze/weld nuts onto the back of the body's panel.

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