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    Default 1979 Mustang Pace Car Parts

    Located in Indianapolis. Shipping would be from 46112 and I am not looking to make $ on shipping. Prices do not include paypal or shipping.

    I have sold quite a bit off the Pace Car that I am parting so I decided to change the thread and put in a new one.

    Shell is gone, rear taillight panel is sold, trans and driveshaft is sold, seat belts, gauge trim panel fog light bar, engine wiring harness, dust shields, hose clamps, many many misc parts have been sold, but I still have many major parts. Please make offers.

    Driver's and passenger's doors, doors are complete currently with good molding, door glass, manual windows, manual mirrors, locks and all internal mechanisms. They do not have the door panels included. $150 each
    Door panels in nice shape, some peeling of carpet, but very minor $225
    Center Console including insert, pad, hardware $150
    Dash frame $125, cracks around the radio bezel that could be repaired
    Fenders $100 each
    Front Bumper $150 in good shape
    Air Dam $150 in good shape
    Fender extensions $100 in good shape
    Spoiler from 1982GT $100 some chips, but solid overall
    Rear bumper, 2 tears, $75
    Hood solid, no rust through, but some rust underneath, $200
    Recaro Seats $500, rough, but fronts/backs, tracks, halos, etc
    Passenger's tail light $45, small crack in the reverse light portion
    Rear 3.45 axle $125
    Interior quarters, passenger's side in good shape, driver's side is starting to crack around the shock cover $150
    Gauges with 29k miles on them $145
    Dash pad $25
    82 GT dual snorkel air cleaner $125
    Many other items available, let me know what you are looking for, 3174456590 for txt/phoneName:  20160503_171131_resized.jpg
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    Interior quarters are sold, I forgot, sorry! If there are other things you wanted that we spoke about, please let me know again, I have slept and drank since then!

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    5. Major Body Parts Require Pics - Due to concerns with fairness about certain ads, pictures of the parts are required for the following parts:
    Bumper Covers (front and rear)
    Trunk Lids
    Quarter Panels (sheet metal, not interior)

    You may either post the images directly in the thread or link to them. Either way, pictures are required to be provided in the thread. No “email for pics” will be allowed for these parts.

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    Name:  20160403_094106_resized.jpg
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    Let me know if you believe I am missing anything else. I have like 1000 pictures of this thing!

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    If you have a pic of the door tag, buck tag, window sticker, build sheet, owner card, axle tag, trans tag, etc. those would be great. I can put it in the database and registry as dead.
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    Wanted (Dead or Alive): VINs, door tags, buck tags, build sheets, window stickers, owner cards, transmission tags, axle tags

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    FWIW, in all fairness (watching out for my fellow enthusiasts) seats in this condition for $500? A full set (front and rear) was just had by one of our own for $150 (in better condition AND halo netting intact). Just sayin'.

    I understand having a "rare" piece but offers might attract more business. Just an observance.
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    My ears were burning lol... Just wanted to say, if I were 82GT5.0L, I would record a video of these seats burning down as payback for all the varying degrees of blow-back he has received for his asking price. (Not just in this post but the whole troll debacle too) Yes, I scored the deal of a lifetime on my set, but it was divine providence, not a reflection of what the market will bear. I just happen to live 10 minutes from the junkyard the car was at.

    We all have our ideas of what is "fair" "good deal" "a steal" "too much" or "ridiculous." Bottom line is if we want people to give us first dibs or insider deals on parts, it would behoove us all to simply let our dollars do the talking. If one of us really thinks the other may be exercising a little wishful thinking with an asking price.... then kindly take them aside (in a PM) and say so PRIVATELY. Publicly shaming or berating sellers right in their own post does not reflect the core attitude of our community.

    As an aside I just bought the tail light panel off this car from him and picked it up a couple days ago. He took the time to drill out some 50 spot welds as requested to get it for me. Then he delivered the dang thing to me in person at a time and place of my choosing. Above and beyond most definitely. Thanks 82GT5.0L. You are a good dude. Will you get what you are asking for your seats? Maybe yes, maybe no... Am I glad I didn't know they were for sale when we met up... Yes I am. Because I would have seriously considered buying them. I just watched a set in similar condition to the ones I picked up sell as buy it now on eBay for $975 plus shipping TODAY.

    It is what it is fellas, lets all get along and love on some sweet sweet foureyes.

    Food for thought...

    Name:  Screenshot_20160509-181301.jpg
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    FML. Lets try this one more time.

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    Love the debate guys! Thanks for the kind words too! I am happy to be part of people's cool projects of which on this forum there are way more than on Corral or others.

    I saw those NOS seats on ebay for $4000, $1000 for the rears. Wow! The $975 didn't include the rears or the tracks either!

    On the price of my seats, it is just like parting out the car. I saw a 40,000 mile 79 Pace Car in perfect shape sell on ebay for $4500 a week or so ago, and now I couldn't even get a set of seats for it for the price of the entire car! I am looking at what I could get for the seats overall. If I sold the tracks, the hardware, the adjusters, the halos (I would spend the $10 for the new fish netting and sell them for $300 like on ebay), the metal frames, etc I would do good. Someone on ebay bought the recaro logo plastic covers on either side of the seat for $100 this week. I could take the pieces of these seats and get from $500-$700 on them, so would I sell them for $150, ummm NO

    We could compare the price on all of the others for sale on the forums, we could compare all of the others on craigslist available. Oh wait, there aren't any! Just like in any free market, make your voice by not buying them if you think they are too much. If I don't sell them on here, I'll put them up on ebay or part them out, or something else, but to sell them for $150 or so just isn't going to happen here. I am going to restore a set for my 1982 GT that I am restoring for $1100 and a ton of my time and labor/skills, would I sell those for $1200 then, that would be a no as well.

    What is really funny to me is that I questioned the price on some re-pop fender extensions for the 82 GT and got tons of blow back because I was being too cheap. Well, I am too cheap...

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    Also, I got a set of Marchal 750s with covers, completely MINT for $40 shipped to my door. Those are rare and hard to find too, right. Look at how many are listed and the prices for those things.

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    I'm sorry, I just voiced my opinion. Personally, I'm kind of a person that has a knack to finding stuff on the cheap in good shape. Example: 8.8 diff with 4.10 Power Trax unit 5 lug disc- FREE, SVO front seats in VG condition- $80, an SVO speedo for next to nothing and then trading the same one for a set of rear window louvers.....delivered from the mid west at no extra cost. Call me a cheap BA$TARD.... Total investment in my 1 of 362 turbo Anniversaries........ WELL under half of what others have invested. Having awesome friends willing to help one way or another or having an abundance of extra stuff also pays off.
    Granted, I know that things are getting scarce. Wasn't meant to ruffle feathers.
    conmech - aka Marshall After about 10+ years in storage.....1984.5 GT350 number 172734 under new ownership. Award winner and published. 2.3 Turbo, 5spd, full power and cruise = 1 of 34. The "Starlet"
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    To the top, make offers

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    do you still have the bumper air damn and fender extensions
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    to the top

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    to the top, make offers

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    to the top, make offers

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    Do you still have the fenders extensions? Could you pm me some pics of them if you do?
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    All fender extensions sold and engine long block sold

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    to the top

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    I think I had asked you that before, do you have two pairs of manual door mirrors (without the interior trim piece) ?

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    I have a pair of mirrors, $100 plus shipping

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