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    Default 1984 predator help

    I have recently acquired a 84 predator r #187. I am not new to cars as my username suggest but a virgin with fox body's especially a predator. Any input or help would be much appreciated. Thanks and I will do my best to not let you down. I will also post some pictures when I can figure out how. Happy Motoring

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    PM Sent with many photos
    1984 Predator GT302 #4S0102 - Complete rotisserie and put back to stock
    1979 Pace Car - 306, H/C/I, T5, 8.8, 3.73 - 288 RWHP
    1993 GT Vert - PROCHARGER P1SC, H/C/I, Built AODE, 3.73 - 421RWHP / 405 RWTQ - SOLD

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    Got them thanks

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    What would you like help with?

    I have a 'registry" for the 1983-86 Predators: 4S0187 is there, along with the codes from the door tag and the only 'known' option (A/C), and a pic of the car in the midst of it's restoration. If you would like to add any additional info (miles on odometer, additional Ford options, known Solomon options), or provide an update pic, I'll make the changes.
    Axle Tag Decoder
    Buck Tag Decoder
    Door Tag Decoder
    Owner Card Decoder
    Transmission Tag Decoder
    VIN Decoder

    FEP Registries: Black Magic & Crimson Cat / Cobra / Dominator / G.T.350 / LTD LX/Police & Marquis LTS / M81 / Pace Car / Predator / Saleen / Turbo GT & Turbo RS / Twister II

    Wanted (Dead or Alive): VINs, door tags, buck tags, build sheets, window stickers, owner cards, transmission tags, axle tags

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    Thanks for the information I will keep you posted
    1984 Predator
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