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    Default 1984 Mustang GT350

    For Sale...1984 GT350 Anniversary Mustang....5.0L.....5 speed......T-top car

    96,888 miles....mileage is correct...I purchased the vehicle on April 20, 2004 from my long time friend who got the car brand new. I am the second owner. Car was originally sold by Century Ford in Rockville, MD (dealership has since closed). Car has always been garage kept and has no rust whatsoever. When I bought the car from my friend it had 90,127 miles on it, so I have only put 6,700 miles on it in over 11 years. I simply don't drive the car much, that's the reason I'm selling it. Car runs and drives nice ( nice as any fox body drives! Lol) and it has a complete set of TRX wheels and tires on it. If you have tried to buy TRX tires lately, you know how much that is worth. The front tires should have a date code of 2005 and the rears are coded 2014. I actually bought all 4 TRX tires in 2005 and when Sears did the install they tore the bead on one of them....after putting up with a slow leak on that one tire for a decade, I finally replaced BOTH rear tires. In doing so, I finally found what was causing the slow leak...I had gotten screwed by Sears 10 years prior.

    The vehicle has a non stock exhaust...Flowmasters into a true dual system. Original exhaust rusted out a long time ago.

    Engine is NOT original....I will have to look at my records but when my friend owned it the engine started running poorly and he took it to Evergreen, CO where Walt Hane (old GT350 race driver from the owns a repair/restoration shop with his son) diagnosed a bad #3 cylinder and recommended replacing the engine with a Ford crate motor. The engine was replaced with an aluminum head 302 Ford crate motor. All the accessories...intake/carb/distributor etc, were transferred over to the crate engine. I DO have the original engine in my garage along with EVERYTHING that went with it.....exhaust manifolds/oil pan/fuel pump etc. I never tried to rebuild the original motor...just put an engine bag over it, put it on a stand, and rolled it under the workbench.

    Interior is in really good shape....seats and carpet are all original. No tears or rips in any of that, dash pad has a very tiny crack in the speaker grille. Original radio is inop. Dew wipes are original and I perfect shape. A/C is installed but inop. Heater core was replaced in 2005 at 92,186 miles.

    The exterior is in good shape, original paint on all but the front and rear bumper covers. Rear bumper cover was replaced circa 1988 after my friend got rear ended at a stoplight. Front bumper cover was replaced circa 1990 after my friend found some traffic cones in his path at high rate of speed. All the difficult to find trim pieces are intact. Body buck tag is still on the radiator support and I also found the Ford factory build sheet under the drivers side carpet about 10 years ago. I have all documentation for the vehicle from the original sale sheet,window sticker, and the original MD temp tag. MSRP in 1984 was $13,059....ha ha, T-top option alone was $760, tilt steering was $110, rear defroster was $140, power windows were $198, tinted glass was $110, premium sound was $151, A/C was 743.

    I have a clear title and when the car sells ALL the items I have go with cover, original engine, spare console, etc.

    I'm asking for $6,000 and the car is located in Rockville, MD. I can make arrangements to get the car to anywhere in the USA.

    I hope I can get pictures to post. Thanks,

    Bill Walsh
    (240) 494-6167
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    Default More pictures

    Only 5 pictures allowed per here are some more
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    Nice! GLWS!
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    car does look very good!!!

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    Not a lot of interest in old fox bodies I guess

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    Nah, try Hemmings Motor News. This car should be a breeze to sell, just make sure you submit an ad by the Sept 6th deadline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84MustangGT350 View Post
    Not a lot of interest in old fox bodies I guess
    No not here, maybe you should try a Chevy forum, they are always looking for something better than a Camaro.
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    Its a very nice looking anny. You have to keep in mind that most participants on here have at least one 4-eye already. The right buyer will come along. GLWS!
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    It looks great. For a lot of folks, the inability to see it in person makes for a tough sale.

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    Just out of my reach price wise. .Good luck with the sale,looks nice! I've been looking for a clean t top car.

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    Pm sent

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    Bump for the winter coming...this thing does great in the snow!!!! Little known fact about TRX tires, not only do they suck in the wet AND the dry, they are ungodly expensive and they suck in the snow too!

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    That's a very nice GT350. Well worth what your asking. If I wasn't set on an '82 I'd be considering it. GLWS
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    Looking for:
    1982 Mustang GT T-Top

    1984 Mustang GT T-Top Bare Chassis
    1984 Mustang GT350 5.0, 5-Speed
    1984 Mustang LX 5.0, 5-Speed

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    Wow what a sweet ride!

    Love how the crate motor looks original.

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    Love this car....wish it was for sale when I got mine. I was in the D.C. area when I got mine, I paid a little more that half what you are asking but had to have it shipped from the west coast, It looks like I have the exact same options and similar mileage. Mine is not near as nice as yours....yet at least. By the time I get to that condition I will be way over your asking price. Heck I'm probably over that now and I've got some major projects left including a paint job, new weather stripping, rear main seal, and installation of dual exhaust. is certainly worth what your are asking.

    After you sell it are your going to get a new user name?????
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    This car is no longer available.
    Last edited by vascj; 01-08-2016 at 06:40 PM.

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    Great old picture! Look at all the crap people drove in the background. The Mustang would eat them all alive without even trying and with only 175 HP back then. Gutless Ciera....toast, 2.2L dodge Omni...bye bye, you did have to be careful not to come up against a Buick T-Type with the proper options. Even the hottest Camaro or Trans Am piloted by a mullet head knew not to mess with the Mustang. How times have changed....even a Kia with an energetic driver can get into the 14's in the quarter mile now. As for the new user name.....idk, this is my only 4 eye. The rest of my Mustangs are much newer.

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    Time for the Mustang to go....I barely drive it 500 miles a year. Up for sale, looks EXACTLY like the pictures from 2 or 3 years ago. Mostly sits in a climate controlled garage up on a lift under a cover.


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    Hmmmm... i like the car..

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    What shape is the paint in? Everything work except for A/C? Any rust, Shock towers, floors hatch under lip, doors under lips? Dents or Scrapes in car? Thanks.

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    Very tempting...this car is practically in my backyard.. I am digging it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 67stang View Post
    What shape is the paint in? Everything work except for A/C? Any rust, Shock towers, floors hatch under lip, doors under lips? Dents or Scrapes in car? Thanks.
    this car was "no longer available", as of three years ago. See vascj's post above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeprete View Post
    this car was "no longer available", as of three years ago. See vascj's post above.
    What about the post from 3 days ago?
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    It’s my car. Not sure why somebody posted it wasn’t available. No rust on the car whatsoever. It’s been inside in a garage it’s whole life.

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