I figured I might as well start a thread on my "new" 1984 GT as eventually repairs and upgrades will be coming for it and I know at least one member here will like staying informed on what is happening to one of his previous babies.

I will start off by saying that I am proud to own this car and in a bit of a selfish way, I'm really glad that it didn't sell even though it was posted for quite some time. Fidel had plenty of chances to sell it but in his own rights, he held onto it for quite some time as he wanted it to go to a good home and most of the people before me that looked at it wanted to rag it out or he felt that they would not give her the attention it needs.

This car is going to be a driving project for the time being as I don't feel that this car needs to be a teardown project as it is really in pretty good shape and does not have the rust issues that my convertible has. I plan on updating things as I go and still enjoy the car as a nice weather summer driver and leave the larger upgrades for the winter months as this car does not need to see Nebraska road salt.

Lets start off with a couple pictures from the day I got her. Here she is, loaded up and ready to move from Colorado to her new home in Nebraska!

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