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    I too love the 85 front end over the 86. Not that the 86 is ugly .
    1986 Ford Mustang Saleen #80 Gray/gray
    1986 Mercury Capri ASC McLaren Coupe#20 Black/silver, gone.
    1985 GT Silver/gray T-top car, gone
    1985 Canyon Red Turbo coupe, gone

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    One just popped up on SVOCOP, 85 white with blue stripes.....
    "1985 Saleen #132 of 140"
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    1979 Indy Pace Car Mustang 302 / 5spd
    1982 Mustang GT T-Top 302 / 4spd
    1986 SVO Mustang - 1C

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    Why is that grey 85 out in the snow??

    I have 85-084. It is in sw PA right now. Subject to change.

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    I've got 85-0001 and 85-0090.

    Never seen another 4 eyed Saleen in person around here. With around 300 total made in 85-86, the odds of seeing one is pretty slim. Better odds seeing a 69-70 Boss 429, or any year 65-70 Shelby Mustang. May be similar odds seeing a real AC Cobra.
    85 Saleen Mustang(s)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTurbo View Post
    One just popped up on SVOCOP, 85 white with blue stripes.....
    "1985 Saleen #132 of 140"
    That is my car. 85-132 is now in PA. White with tan interior. Car is on the road but needs a new roof skin and a full resto eventually.
    Also 85-128 is now in PA. The gentleman drives it on the weekends and has had some very recent paint work on the front end.

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    86-177 is moving to NE Ohio.
    Current: 81 Cobra T Top, 79 Cobra.
    Past Toys: 1964 Falcon Vert, 1966 Mustang(owned twice), 70 Conv, 1978 Mustang II(first car), 80 Cobra, 81 Cobra, 82 GT T-Top, 85 GT 3,900 miles, 85 Predator/Twister 5S-0149, 86 Saleen 177, 86 SVO, 86 Mustang GT, 86 Mustang GT Vert, 87 Mustang GT, 89 Mustang Notch, 2003 Mustang GT Roush Clone, 2006 Mustang V6(Stainless Works LT's, MBRP cat back, 3.73's, tb, cai), and my favorite 2002 Mustang GT MPH 302 stroker, KB 2.2, TKO 500 640rwhp/591torque.

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    85-131, and 86-18 heading to Boston!
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    after a month they finally got delivered today. The red 86 is all original, the black 85 needs some TLC but is a nice solid car.
    85 GT T-Top w/18K miles
    85 Saleen 85-131
    86 Saleen 86-018

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    I've got the gauge cluster out of 1986-045. It's still around but is a full on gutted race car that will never be restored according to the owner.

    I've bought Saleen parts from the previous owners of 1986-026 also. That car is around and restored with mods such as different wheels and tires.

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    I noticed that the 1985 production list does not show any 1E silver metallic Saleen Mustangs being built. Still researching production numbers for 1986. I know there were grey cars made. Cars like 1985-007 (the first production 85) are a great example.

    Were there any silver four eyed Saleens built?

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    5 Grey 85's, 26 Grey 86's.
    No silver cars.
    1986 Saleen #145
    now 50k miles - still 98% original.

    I'm all for helping the helpless, but I don't give a rat's ass about the clueless anymore.

    Previous: 79 Cobra, 82 GT, 83 GT, 85 Twister, 85.5 SVO, 86 GT, 87 GT, 91 Saleen, etc....

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    Thought so. Thank you for the response.

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    Curious, was grey exterior color specific to Saleens? Looking at the 85 Mustang sales brochure, Grey isnt listed as an option. There is Med. Charcoal Metallic, Silver Metallic, and Dark Slate Metallic listed for LX package.
    1985 GT owned since new

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    There were no Saleen specific colors. Each color was plucked from the standard catalog. They did encourage the purchase of preferred colors, though, hence the high number of red, white and black cars.

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