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    Default Need a source for new or used rear window trim clips for 1980-82 Thunderbird

    My 80 T-bird finally went to the body shop last week, for a long overdue body restoration. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to find parts for when it goes back together. I'd prefer to find new clips but can clean my old ones up and reuse them if necessary.

    Does anyone know where to find the proper clips that hold the molding on around the top and left and right sides of the back window? I'm missing 2 of them. I found a pretty close match on eb@y, but I want to make sure what I but works properly. Note how the inside clip portion is flatter and wider then many that you normally see? Name:  tbird trim clips 001.jpg
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    Then there's a slide clip, that holds the lower molding in place. It slips over the stud, when the moldings in place and locks by sliding it to the side. I can reuse my old ones but am missing one or two. I can't even find a picture of these online.
    Name:  tbird trim clips 002.jpg
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    The others clips I need to find are drip rail molding clips for the rain drip rails over the doors. I can probably clean my rusted clips up, if I soak them or something... but it would be nice to find new ones. Name:  drip rail clip.jpg
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    I ended up ordering some of the square clips from a seller on eb@y. When they arrived, they are a close match but I was annoyed that they were not the same exact clips as shown in the photos.
    I specifically bought them and paid a little more because they matched in the photos. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will properly work. As far as the smaller clips, I'll see if I can find a few used ones next time I'm at a junkyard that had a load of really old cars. I pretty much gave up on finding them new.

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