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Oh wow.

First, sorry for you and your true love. I cant begin to understand what you are going thru.

Second, 77 is still young these days.

Dementia is a broad spectrum term for a range of medical reference points to do with memory retention. Its a label.

How you deal with it is your new un-folding plan. Your actions and attitude are Noble.

(I have been involved for 11 years as a trained Heath Care assistant, specializing in palliative , hospital level and Dementia care, mostly night shift care giving with what we call n New Zealand RN's (Registered Nurses). My mother, aunties, uncles are Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses, its a family thing. Our rest homes are like 75 to 120 people affairs.)
Thanks for the reply. All info is good , each case will be different with what the Drs say.