You may have noticed a big red bar running across the top of the board's main page. It's part of a new system I've installed to make donating easier (as was requested by a number of folks) and accept custom amounts (also highly requested) and do all sorts of things, some of which I have yet to even explore.

I will work on getting a more thorough tutorial/explanation of everything soon.

Things are in a safe live testing phase. Testing for me, really. There's a LOT to learn. However, rest assured that no donation will disappear into the ether. Between this thing's redundant systems and PayPal's records, all will be well, I promise.

Just to let you know, that if you donate $20.00, you'll be bumped into the yearly Supporter category. This will take a little bit of button clicking on my part. It will send me a PM to check each and every donation, and those that qualify, I'll manually add to the Supporter list. Since I can't be online all day every day (unless all y'all donate WAY more than I'd ever dream of...haha!), there MAY be some delays for your confirmation and promotion to Supporter. I promise I will check as often as I can, though a day or so delay might happen due to life disturbances. Please, please be patient. Please? Please. K. Thank you.

If the donation bar annoys you, the little circle with a minus in it will collapse it for you. It also only shows up on that one page. So, it shouldn't be a massive nuisance.

There are suggested amounts and you can choose a custom amount to donate, with a minimum of $5.00.