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    Default Set of Mark VII 16x7 wheels and Pair of Riken mesh 15x7 wheels

    I have gathered too many sets of wheels (like that's a problem), but I have some I don't think I will use anytime soon.

    First is a set of four (4) 1988-1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Turbine 16x7 wheels. Overall they are in pretty good shape, one has a small nick in the edge of the rim near a valve stem (detail photo included), the same wheel is missing the emblem from the center cap and they all have a few blemishes on the painted surfaces. Nothing major, but they aren't perfect. I traded for these thinking they where the later BBS wheels, but they are not. Specs are: 16x7, 4.5" backspacing, 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern. Would trade for a set of the BBS wheels or sell outright for $150.

    Here's a photo of one, the rest are linked to save bandwidth:

    Next we have a pair of what I believe are Riken "Custom" wheels. I only have two of these, if I had the full set I'd sit on them until I bought another 4-lug car. I looked for 3 years just to find this pair. However I'm sure there's someone out there like that me that likes these wheels and could use a pair to complete a set. They have been sitting for years and could use cleaned up. They look good to me, but to make them 100% they could probably use to repaint the centers and re-polish the rims. One does have a slight gouge (for lack of a better term) in the edge of the rim (I included a detail photo of this blemish). Size is 15x7, backspacing is about 4" and the bolt pattern is 4 on 108mm or 4 on 4.25". I'm not sure how to price these, but I'll start at $125 for the pair.

    Shipping would be possible, but local pickup or delivery would be preferred. Wheels are as is. If you need further photos please ask.
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    I know this is an old thread, but do you still have the turbine wheels?

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