Finally the weather has reached more spring time conditions and did a bit of melting in our alley. That let me finally get the car moved over yesterday to the other bay of my garage where I could work on the alignment.

I got the base settings dialed in for caster and camber and set the toe at zero to get to the bump steer adjustment. I worked on that today and have it pretty much as good as I seem to be able to get it. I'm OK with the left side, but the right still is not ideal, but its as good as I seem to be able to get it. I don't know what else I could do to improve it under bump. It is decent at the first inch of travel, but really toes in beyond that. Hopefully the super stiff springs will limit the amount of bump and it won't be problematic.

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With that part done the next big task will be the corner balancing. After that it'll be drive time.